Guardsquare, the cell software safety platform, mentioned it is going to present built-in safety for cell video games via a product integration with Unity Technologies‘ game engine.

The company said its layered products DexGuard for Android and iXGuard for iOS will provide protection for mobile games built on Unity, which is the most popular platform for mobile games. The Leuven, Belgium-based Guardsquare has more than 600 global customers such as retail banks for its security software.

Over half of new mobile games are built on Unity and more than 60 percent of VR/AR content also uses the platform. Both iXGuard and DexGuard can now be easily integrated into the typical Unity mobile game development process, providing code-hardening, runtime application self-protection (RASP), and other security features without adding technical complexity or impacting performance.

Like all unprotected mobile apps, mobile games are a target for hackers in several ways. From malicious actors to players who want to bypass rules, hackers target mobile games for piracy or cheating. Some hackers will take advantage of unprotected code to bypass licenses and in-app purchase checks. They may also build tweaks or distribute modified apps, giving unpaid access to others. Hacks such as these can result in lost revenue for studios.

Just ask Sander Bogaert, vice president of engineering at Guardsquare and once upon a time a hacker who caused a lot of mischief with Blizzard’s Diablo recreation. In an interview with VentureBeat, he mentioned he was a hacker in highschool, after which he finally got here round from the “dark side” to the “light side,” serving to firms defend themselves in opposition to hackers like his youthful self.

Guardsquare adds security for mobile gaming with Unity engine integration

“I’ve always been interested in reverse engineering and hacking,” mentioned Bogaert, who taught himself safety know-how. “I didn’t have a lot of time. So I tried to make things more efficient.”

He created packages that allowed his characters to stage up mechanically whereas he was attending highschool. Then he bought the characters for a revenue. That’s simply the type of factor that his clients would now like to forestall.

In video games, repute is on the road. Some gamers will cheat at video games with strategies corresponding to utilizing aimbots, passing on faux GPS places, modifying recreation parameters, spoofing time stamps, and extra. Fairness is paramount in video games, and gamers count on to compete on a stage enjoying discipline. Allowing sure customers to get forward unfairly can harm the repute of each a studio and a recreation.

“We have a lot of expertise built up, with industries such as banking,” mentioned Bogaert. “We saw that mobile gaming is taking up a lot of time on mobile platforms.”

With as we speak’s new Unity-specific updates, Guardsquare’s merchandise now prolong superior safety safety to cell video games to forestall hackers from understanding the interior workings of apps and guaranteeing the sport can’t be modified throughout runtime or whereas it’s at relaxation.

“Guardsquare makes it incredibly easy to integrate layered security protections into our mobile applications. It has freed up our game developers to focus on what they do best — building games — while providing the entire organization with peace of mind that malicious actors cannot copy our games illegally or otherwise steal revenue from our hard-working team,” mentioned Agnes Wong, BFB Operation Team member at Cybird. That firm is a Guardsquare buyer utilizing its tech for cell video games, in a press release.

Guardsquare adds security for mobile gaming with Unity engine integration

Above: Guardsquare

Image Credit: Guardsquare

“We are in an interesting position as a company at Guardsquare, where our founding roots are in a technology called ProGuard, which is an open source technology for the Android ecosystem to optimize and improve the performance of Android apps,” mentioned John Vigeant, chief income officer at Guardsquare, mentioned in an interview. “What we’ve done is extended that into our commercial security products that prevent against reverse engineering and runtime attacks. We have a rich heritage in mobile apps.”

Guardsquare options that are actually accessible for Unity embody:

  • Code Hardening, which obfuscates code to forestall hackers from reverse-engineering video games and gaining perception into their inside logic. This characteristic consists of safety for Unity metadata, which helps to forestall the leakage of essential app knowledge, which may very well be used to reverse-engineer and modify a recreation.
  • Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP), which displays the integrity of the applying and of the atmosphere during which it’s operating in real-time, and mechanically responds to completely different threats with out impacting recreation efficiency.

With Guardsquare’s superior protections in place, cell recreation builders can defend their reputations, remove the chance of misplaced income, and guarantee avid gamers have a good and enjoyable enjoying expertise. Guardsquare has about 80 folks.