Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out now, and it’s a pleasant and interesting return for the collection. But whereas Nintendo is nice at designing charming and serene video games, it nonetheless usually struggles with on-line options. Is the identical true for the brand new Animal Crossing? Thankfully, no. The on-line multiplayer in New Horizons works about as anticipated with just a few complications.

Let’s get the fundamentals out of the best way. Here’s the method for visiting your mates’ villages or having them go to yours:

  1. Play till you unlock the airport. This is among the first buildings your island will get after you full the tutorial. It normally opens in your second day.
  2. Go into the airport and discuss to the dodo hen on the desk.
  3. Choose to fly or to just accept guests.
  4. And you’re good to go.

But this technique has some caveats that it’s best to bear in mind. Let’s speak about that.

What mates, finest mates, and Dodo Codes imply in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

New Horizons makes use of your Switch mates record. So once you inform the Dodo Airlines you wish to fly, it’ll search which of your Switch mates have their gates open. And should you open your gates, solely your mates will see your island on their record.

But what if you wish to open your island to your mates however you additionally don’t belief mentioned mates. This is the place the most effective buddy system comes into play. Only people who find themselves your finest buddy can use instruments just like the shovel or ax in your island.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons online guide: How visiting islands works

This is just not the identical because the Switch’s built-in best-friend system. Instead, this makes use of one of many apps in your in-game Nook Phone. Once you go to a buddy’s island, you need to use the Best Friends app to ask for permission to be a “best friend.” Once the island proprietor approves, you’ll then get the choice to dig up fossils. Otherwise, you’re caught to shaking timber.

Finally, you need to use the Dodo Code possibility. This allows you to open up your island with a five-digit code. You can then share this code on social media or in a Discord to ask whoever you wish to your island whether or not they’re your buddy or not. But you may as well restrict this code to mates solely.

Just beware that the sport has to cease and cargo each time somebody joins your island. So should you open it as much as everybody and publish the code on social media, your recreation could find yourself unplayable as folks take part a nonstop parade.