Reviewing Half-Life: Alyx has been a hectic endeavor. Part of that’s the standard rigors of critiquing a recreation (making an attempt to beat it earlier than a deadline). But this VR expertise is touchdown at a time when a pandemic is taking maintain over the world. So, you realize, I’ll already be a bit on edge. Bundle that with how enjoying VR may be uncomfortable and Alyx’s extra survival-horror tackle the franchise, and I usually wished that I didn’t should play this recreation at this explicit second in historical past.

This doesn’t imply that Half-Life: Alyx, which is obtainable now for PC VR, is a nasty recreation. It’s removed from it. The knowledgeable Valve triple-A craftsmanship of outdated is again. Technically, that is probably the most spectacular VR recreation I’ve ever performed (thanks partially to the Valve Index I used to be enjoying it on). It’s an extremely immersive expertise.

It’s only one I didn’t actually need to be immersed in proper now.

What you’ll like

VR magic

Alyx has among the most spectacular VR wizardry I’ve ever seen. Plenty of it’s tied to your gravity gloves, that are each your digital palms and person interface. You may also use these to drag gadgets towards you. You simply goal a hand within the objects common route and flick your wrist to whip it towards you … after which you must catch it. It makes one thing mundane, like choosing up ammo off the bottom, enjoyable and interactive.

Half-Life: Alyx review — A great VR game for the wrong time

Gunfights are additionally exhilarating in VR. I used to be truly ducking and peeking behind cowl, typically even dropping onto my knees (thank god I performed in a carpeted room). This offers fights a form of pressure you may’t really feel in a standard first-person expertise. Small issues additionally stand out, like medical stimpacks that you must actually shoot into your chest or thigh and the grenades that you must squeeze in your hand to activate.

Half-Life: Alyx review — A great VR game for the wrong time

Above: No gravity gun, however you do have gravity gloves.

Image Credit: Steam

Modding your weapons

You have just some weapons in Half-Life: Alyx, however you may enhance all of them with particular stations all through the sport. For instance, you may add a laser sight to your pistol, further ammo storage in your assault rifle, or perhaps a grenade launcher in your shotgun.

These upgrades value resin, that are scattered across the recreation. And I do imply that they’re scattered. You’ll be turning over buckets, wanting into the rafters, and opening drawers looking for as a lot resin as potential. It’s an ideal incentive to have you ever exploring each nook and nook of each room.

Using your mind

Puzzles are an enormous focus in Alyx. Sometimes you’re hacking into electronics by connecting nodes in a holographic show (which you’ll rotate with one hand). Others are based mostly in your setting, like determining easy methods to get energy to an carry after which dislodge it from a a large pipe caught in its helps.

One sequence entails a nasty monster that can kill you as quickly because it comes into contact with you. On the brilliant aspect, it’s blind. However, it could actually hear simply nice. You can do issues like throw bottles to distract it. The recreation has lots of enjoyable with this half, and it’s simply the spotlight of the entire expertise. Sometimes you’ll open a door and knock over a glass, solely providing you with a second to achieve out and seize it earlier than it crashes to the bottom. You may even cowl your mouth by transferring your actual palms as much as your face.

Half-Life: Alyx review — A great VR game for the wrong time

Above: Pleasant!

Image Credit: Steam

Going again to Half-Life

Half-Life 2 is one in all my favourite video games ever, so it’s nice to lastly be enjoying a brand new recreation on this sequence. Even small issues, like seeing a headcrab once more or listening to that iconic Half-Life therapeutic sound impact, get me excited. And because it’s been so a few years because the final Half-Life recreation, 2007’s Half-Life 2: Episode Two, the graphics and character animations have seen some large upgrades

Looking towards the long run

I received’t spoil something, however I used to be anxious that Half-Life: Alyx being a prequel would imply that we wouldn’t see the sequence’ story transfer ahead. This isn’t the case.

What you received’t like

Playing this recreation proper now

I nearly really feel dangerous holding this in opposition to the sport, however now could be a tough time to play one thing that immerses you into an intense, 10-hour lengthy expertise in a postapocalyptic world stuffed with monsters and plenty of different issues that need to kill you.

Compared to Half-Life 2, Alyx leans extra into the survival-horror style. Enemies hit more durable, ammo is scarce, and well being is restricted. It’s not as quick or action-based as Half-Life 2. Now, this makes lots of sense for the VR transition. Atmosphere is an enormous a part of VR, and leaning extra into horror parts is one method to create a extra visceral expertise.

But it could actually grow to be mentally exhausting. I’d play in periods between one or two hours lengthy, and I’d be straight up fatigued after them. Now, I suppose that implies that the sport is doing its job. But contemplating how stressed I already am about being in shelter-in-place and training social distancing, I’ve to say that I’m envious of my mates who had been spending all of their time catching digital fish and paying off digital dwelling loans.

And whereas the state of affairs in the actual world is clearly out of Valve’s management, the sport isn’t doing itself any favors with ranges that drag (there’s a component the place you’re caught in the identical resort for what felt like hours) and a restricted shade palette. And regardless of the size of the sport, you usually really feel such as you’re going by way of the identical environments: dilapidated buildings, creepy underground areas, and deserted streets.

Half-Life: Alyx review — A great VR game for the wrong time

Above: It’s a bleak, bleak world.

Image Credit: Steam

VR issues

Half-Life: Alyx is commonly so immersive and spectacular that it may be irritating when the VR has its inevitable hiccups. One of my greatest issues concerned the stickiness of grabbing and holding onto gadgets. My palms would latch onto objects I wasn’t making an attempt to seize, or I’d have a tough time getting my digital fingers to let go of a door knob.

Then there’s the basic VR locomotion drawback. You do have choices to maneuver across the recreation world in a standard method, however these make me sick and disoriented nearly instantly. Instead, I’ve to go for the default traversal, which has you utilizing short-range teleportation. It doesn’t make me practically as queasy, however it isn’t all that immersive. This is a basic VR drawback, and regardless of Alyx’s many superb technical achievements, it doesn’t discover the answer to this conundrum.


Half-Life: Alyx is among the most immersive and spectacular VR video games on the market. If you’re a fan of VR or of the Half-Life sequence, it’s a simple suggestion. But in case you don’t need to play one thing this hectic at this explicit second, I wouldn’t blame you. This recreation makes Half-Life 2 appear like a enjoyable jot by way of Disneyland. Alyx ups the scares and the stress with its deal with survival-horror.

That actually makes Half-Life: Alyx probably the most intense entry within the franchise but. But it isn’t as enjoyable as Half-Life 2. That recreation had you feeling like a god, whereas Alyx can have you feeling like prey. Now, a few of this comes down to private choice. I’ve by no means been an enormous horror man. But even with that apart, Alyx doesn’t fairly have the variability or appeal of Half-Life 2 or different Valve masterpieces like Portal 2.

But judged on its deserves as a VR recreation, it excels. If you’re searching for one thing to wow you with what the expertise can do, this can get that job executed.

Score: 80/100

Half-Life: Alyx is out now for PC VR units. Valve gave us a code for the sport and a Valve Index headset for this evaluate.