A month in the past, AMD launched a smattering of cell items to fast success. Now they’re prototyping the identical {hardware} in desktop type: Renoir, totally unlocked and energy hungry.

Renoir is AMD’s latest product. It is a monolithic APU; it pairs eight Zen 2 cores with eight Vega compute models (equal to 512 shaders) on one die. Subsequently, it’s a bit pricier than different latest Ryzen releases, however it’s additionally very environment friendly which has made it a wonderful selection for laptops.

Renoir-based merchandise stretch from 4-core, 4-thread items boosting as much as 3.7 GHz to 8-core, 16-thread behemoths that spike as much as 4.2 GHz. But restricted by the cooling potential and energy supply of a laptop computer, we’re but to see precisely how far Renoir will be pushed.

Soon that would change. A Renoir-based processor, codenamed “100-000000149-40_40/30_Y” has been found in Userbenchmark’s database. According to its codename, it ought to function with a 3.zero GHz base clock and a 4.zero GHz enhance clock, and through the Userbenchmark trial, it did. Its scores had been about 5% above the common 4800H consequence which is the very best performing cell Renoir piece. As an engineering pattern, nonetheless, it’s more likely to be an underperforming member of its species.

Renoir Desktop

Two chips are being examined

> 3.5GHz CPU, 1750MHz iGPU
> 3GHz CPU, 1750MHz iGPU (possible the 8C Eng Sample: 100-000000149-40_40/30_Y from Userbenchmark)

I imagine each are 8C

— _rogame (@_rogame) May 8, 2020

While Userbenchmark is a really poor metric of efficiency, it did outpace the 3400G, the present desktop Ryzen APU, by about 20% core-for-core. But the 3400G has solely 4 cores whereas Renoir has eight so a completely unlocked Renoir piece ought to simply trounce its predecessor.

“We’ve actually done a tremendous amount of optimization around these graphics cores… they have 59% more performance than the previous generation.”

– AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su, on the announcement of Renoir for cell

Indeed, the place Renoir will sit inside AMD’s desktop lineup poses an attention-grabbing query. APUs are typically inexpensive alternate options to CPU + discrete GPU combos however at eight cores, a flagship Renoir piece would provide CPU efficiency that’s about what a typical energy person would require. At the identical time, its GPU part – whereas very succesful for an APU – received’t stand as much as AAA gaming or heavy rendering workloads.