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How to lock Chart position in Excel spreadsheet

If you do not need to maneuver a chart whereas altering the width of the cell, you’ll be able to lock the chart place in an Excel spreadsheet with this information. Although the chart strikes as per the cells’ width and place, you’ll be able to disable this.

In Excel, it’s simple to insert a Gantt chart or a Dynamic chart. However, the issue begins while you embrace extra cells or columns after inserting a chart in a spreadsheet. By default, Excel strikes the chart in order that all the things turns into seen with out overlapping. However, at occasions, you would possibly want to repair the place of your present chart for any cause. If so, you’ll be able to comply with this tutorial.

How to lock Chart place in Excel spreadsheet

To lock the place of a Chart and forestall it from shifting in an Excel spreadsheet, comply with these steps-

  1. Right-click on the present chart.
  2. Select the Format Chart Area possibility from the context menu.
  3. Switch to Size & Properties tab.
  4. Expand Properties.
  5. Select Don’t transfer or measurement with cells.

Let’s delve into these steps intimately.

At first, you have to insert a chart in your spreadsheet. You can enter any form of chart – irrespective of whether or not it’s a easy 2D, 3D, or anything. After including a chart in your spreadsheet, you have to right-click on the chart.

Here you need to maintain a necessary factor in thoughts. You ought to right-click on the plot space. Otherwise, you can’t discover the choice that’s talked about beneath.

If you’ll be able to accurately right-click on the chart, you need to see an possibility known as Format Chart Area.

How to lock chart position in Excel spreadsheet

After clicking that possibility, you could find a panel in your proper aspect. By default, it ought to open Fill & Line. Y

ou want to change to the third tab, which known as Size & Properties. After that, broaden the Properties menu.

lock Chart position in Excel spreadsheet

By default, it needs to be set to Move and measurement with cells, and that’s the reason your chart strikes while you enter a brand new column or change the width of an present cell.

To lock the place, you have to choose Don’t transfer or measurement with cells possibility.

That’s all! From now onward, your chart received’t transfer even if you happen to change the cell width.

Hope this easy tutorial will show you how to.

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