Home Hardware Which of these legacy CPU sockets accepted both Intel and AMD chips?

Which of these legacy CPU sockets accepted both Intel and AMD chips?

Released in March 1994, Socket 5 was designed for second-gen P5 Pentium processors amongst different Intel elements, however may additionally settle for AMD’s K5 chips in addition to 6×86 Cyrix CPUs and IDT’s WinChip collection.

The summer season of 1995 introduced a successor to Socket 5 with the arrival of Socket 7 (Socket 6 was primarily skipped), which likewise supported P5 Pentium processors in addition to suitable elements made by AMD, Cyrix/IBM and IDT.

Socket 7 elements are backward suitable with Socket 5 utilizing an adapter (until you need to modify the pins your self). The key distinction between the 2 was that Socket 7 had an additional pin for twin cut up rail voltage versus Socket 5’s single voltage.

Super Socket 7 did not arrive till 1998 and served as a stopgap for AMD, shopping for the corporate time to develop its personal motherboard infrastructure (Slot A) after dropping licensing to Intel’s sockets, which had advanced to Slot 1 in 1997.

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