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How to force Dark Mode on websites using Edge browser

You can pressure web sites and internet content material to show in darkish mode utilizing the Edge browser. This signifies that as a substitute of a white background, their internet content material will probably be displayed on a black background.

We have already seen easy methods to pressure Dark Mode on web sites utilizing Google Chrome; now allow us to see easy methods to do it utilizing Microsoft Edge. This is totally different from enabling the Dark Mode theme on Edge.

How to force Dark Mode on websites using Edge

Force Dark Mode on web sites utilizing Edge

To pressure web sites to show their internet content material on a darkish background utilizing Microsoft Edge Chromium on Windows 10, comply with this technique:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge
  2. Open the Flags web page.
  3. Navigate to the Force Dark Mode for Web Contents setting
  4. From the drop-down menu, choose Enabled
  5. Restart the Edge browser.

Read on in the event you want full particulars.

Open the Microsoft Edge browser and within the tackle bar, sort the next and hit Enter:


The following flags setting web page will open.

force a dark mode on websites using Edge

Locate the Force Dark Mode for Web Contents setting and from the drop-down menu on the fitting facet, choose Enabled instead of Default.

Restart the Edge browser.

Now strive visiting the web site and see.

When you go to an internet site, you will note that many parts particularly the background will go darkish. This might be simple on the eyes of these individuals who surf quite a bit at evening.

How to force Dark Mode on websites using Edge

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