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How PR agents teach game developers to protect themselves

On this week’s How Games Make Money podcast, game industry public relations pro Stephanie Tinsley joins host Jeff Grubb to speak about her job. She has so much to say about what it takes to facilitate the communication between builders and avid gamers. And that modified so much this yr as a result of pandemic and the cancellation of E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo commerce present) in Los Angeles.

But the basics of Tinsley’s work haven’t shifted a lot. She nonetheless spends most of her time shaping the general public face of firms that make video games. And meaning guaranteeing they know how you can keep away from making errors, however it additionally means typically taking up the function of a mama bear.

To hear, click on play on the participant widget or the video on the high.

New episodes of How Games Make Money come out most Mondays.

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