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How to control who can reply to your Tweet on Twitter

Twitter is lastly coming down closely on abusive trolls to stop them from participating together with your tweets, courtesy of a brand new conversation restriction feature. Twitter lastly permits customers to decide on who can reply to their tweets. These restrictions at the moment are out there on Twitter for Web (desktop) and Mobile apps comparable to Android and iOS. In this text, we’ll present you how one can successfully management your dialog by limiting who can reply to your tweets.

How to limit replies to your tweets

Limiting reply to your tweets includes a 2-step method, as follows:

  1. Start a brand new Tweet
  2. Choose who can reply to it

While composing new tweets, Twitter will merely apply a default setting that enables anybody to answer to your public tweets. This setting is denoted utilizing a globe icon within the compose Tweet field. Clicking on this icon earlier than posting your Tweet supplies customers with a brand new menu. This menu permits customers to manage who can reply to their tweets.

How to restrict replies to your tweets

  • Click on the Compose Tweet button from Twitter for Web or Twitter for Android and iOS apps.
  • Click the choice Everyone can reply subsequent to the globe icon.
  • Choose who can reply to your Tweet from these choices:
    • Everyone,
    • People you observe, and
    • Only folks you point out.
  • Click the choice Tweet to submit what you need to say.

Everyone is the present default possibility whereas composing a brand new Tweet. If your Twitter account is public, by default, anybody can reply to your Tweet. In case your Tweets are protected, solely individuals who observe you’ll be able to reply to your Tweet.

If you particularly select the choice People you observe, solely individuals who you observe can reply to your Tweet. This possibility additionally consists of folks you point out in your Tweet.

Choosing the choice Only folks you point out means one factor: Only individuals who you point out within the Tweet can reply to your Tweet.

FAQs on Twitter’s new dialog restrictions

We are additionally answering some ceaselessly requested questions (FAQs) that you might have round Twitter’s new dialog restriction characteristic.

Can folks see that I’ve restricted who can reply to my Tweets?

Yes. Once you submit your tweet, folks will have the ability to see that you’ve restricted who can reply to your Tweet.

Can folks like or retweet my restricted tweet?

Restrictions solely apply to different folks’s skill to answer to your tweet. They can nonetheless have interaction together with your Tweet by liking or Retweeting it.

Can I modify reply restrictions after posting a tweet?

You can solely select who can reply to your Tweet earlier than publishing it. Once your tweet is stay, you can not make modifications to who can reply to your tweets.

Do ? You also can share somebody’s Twitter video with out retweeting it. 

How to limit replies to your tweets

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