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Cerebras reveals details of the world’s largest chip: 2.6 trillion transistors, 850,000 cores

What simply occurred? After unveiling a chip final yr that was each the world’s largest and the primary to characteristic over a trillion transistors, synthetic intelligence firm Cerebras Systems has gone one higher. The follow-up, which is constructed on TSMC’s 7nm course of, has an unbelievable 850,000 cores and a couple of.6 trillion transistors.

At Hot Chips 2019, Cerebras confirmed off the Wafer Scale Engine (WSE)—the world’s largest chip. At eight inches by 9 inches, it’s greater than an ordinary iPad. Built on the 16nmFF course of, WSE boasts 1.2 trillion transistors, 400,000 cores, 18GB of on-chip reminiscence, 9 PB/s complete reminiscence bandwidth, and 100Pb/s of complete material bandwidth. It additionally consumes ~15kW of energy.

At this yr’s occasion, Cerebras teased the second technology WSE. While the core and transistor rely is greater than double that of its predecessor, the corporate saved quiet concerning the bandwidth, energy consumption, and the way a lot SRAM reminiscence is constructed into the most recent mannequin—however you’ll be able to count on enhancements in these areas, too.

To create the Wafer Scale Engines, Cerebras makes use of your complete wafer as a single, large chip, moderately than the standard technique of etching particular person chips onto a single wafer. It stitches collectively the dies on the wafer with a communication material that enables them to work as a single unit, bypassing the reticle dimension limitations of a foundry.

For comparability, the world’s largest GPU, Nvidia’s A100, measures 826mm2, whereas the WSE is 46,225 sq. millimeters. And group inexperienced’s product ‘only’ has 54.2 billion transistors.

Cerebras stated it will reveal extra particulars concerning the second-gen WSE “in the coming months,” including that the chip is presently “running in our labs.”

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