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Intel confirms Marvel’s Avengers Collector’s Edition CPUs: cool packaging, but no game

Why it issues: Intel has confirmed extra particular version CPUs: the Marvel’s Avengers Collector’s Edition Processors. You would most likely anticipate them to return bundled with the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers recreation, given the timing, however you’d be mistaken. The solely hyperlinks these chips seem to have with the franchise is their names and packaging.

Overseas corporations have been noticed promoting Intel processors with Avengers packaging a number of weeks in the past. They’re listed as “KA” fashions, with the “K” half figuring out the unlocked multiplier, and the “A” presumably figuring out them as an Avengers Edition.

Videocardz found the Comet Lake KA chips being bought by a retailer in India. They’re very barely cheaper than the usual Okay variants, although some areas seem like charging a bit extra.

  • Intel Core i9 10900KA—€514.97 (~$609.96)
  • Intel Core i9 10850KA—€476.29 (~$564.14)
  • Intel Core i9 10700KA—€400.08 (~$473.88)
  • Intel Core i9 10600KA—€273.02 (~$323.38)

The Intel Gaming Twitter account has now confirmed these particular version chips. Somewhat surprisingly, they don’t come bundled with the Marvel’s Avengers recreation—there is a disclaimer on the field warning “game not included.”

It’s additionally famous that specs of the KA CPUs are the identical as the usual Okay fashions, so the one distinction between the 2 is the packaging, which is designed by muralist Tristan Eaton. That doesn’t seem to be a lot, however these intending to purchase a Comet Lake chip may go for a particular version if it is the identical value or cheaper.

For these contemplating the Marvel’s Avengers recreation, one in every of these Comet Lake chips will probably be greater than enough for its CPU calls for—the advisable specs ask for an Intel Core i7 4770Okay or greater.

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