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Quil launches in-home health monitoring solution as telemedicine usage explodes

Quil Health, the health care joint venture of Comcast and Independence Health Group, today announced plans to launch Quil Assure, a platform that leverages sensors, voice-activated tech, and coordination tools to connect caregivers with loved ones. Quil says over time Assure will integrate with its existing product, Engage, to help customers manage their health and wellness needs.

In response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, companies like Current Health and Twistle have teamed up with the Providence and other health care providers to pilot at-home health-tracking platforms. Even before the pandemic, nine in 10 seniors said they’d prefer to stay in their homes over the next 10 years, highlighting the need for remote health monitoring solutions.

ABI Research predicts that by 2025 spending on AI in health care and pharmaceuticals will have increased by $1.5 billion as a result of COVID-19. Meanwhile, the personal emergency response systems market is anticipated to pass $11.1 billion within that same time frame.

Quil says Assure will “get to know” customers over time using activity-monitoring sensors (e.g., motion, temperature, and air quality sensors) that send real-time alerts and notifications. Assure’s voice capabilities will enable caregivers to reach out through in-home speakers and check in on loved ones, and the platform will allow clinicians to work together to support patients and better manage transitional care.

Quil plans to launch Assure by Q3 2021, following a series of pilots this December.

Quil Assure

“Consumer health platforms fall short of delivering on the promise of engagement, wearable monitoring technologies are limiting, and caregivers are often left in the dark,” Quil CEO Carina Edwards said in a statement. “Quil is rethinking the whole aging at home experience with an integrated platform that fits into our daily lives. Personalized education and step-by-step guidance to engage consumers and caregivers combined with in-home smart sensors to monitor health in real time are just the beginning.”

Launched in 2018 as a partnership between Independence Blue Cross and Comcast, Quil provides health itineraries via an app that can be prescribed by doctors or offered through insurance carriers. The company also provides educational content, including documents, surveys, and videos covering pre- and post-op care and at-home physical therapies.

Comcast subscribers can say the phrase “Quil Health” into their television remotes to access Quil’s on-demand content. In addition, the cable giant offers a home security system that includes sensors and AI capable of detecting customers’ movements for health monitoring.

Quil Health recently launched the COVID-19 Preparedness Tool, which provides up-to-the-minute information on the novel coronavirus, including a symptoms checklist, recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and tips on how to care for a family member with COVID-19. The tool focuses on overall wellness, providing instructions on self-care, stress reduction, and in-home exercise techniques, as well as finding a work/life balance while working from home, best practices for child care, and guides to homeschooling.

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