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Google’s Pixel 5 is reportedly suffering from build quality issues

A hot potato: The Pixel 5 came out just last week, and while Google hasn’t priced it like most 2020 flagships, it seemingly shipped the $699 phone with manufacturing defects according to early adopters reporting gaps between the phone’s frame and display.

Google saw limited success after it decided to go premium and replaced the affordable Nexus line with iPhone-rivalling Pixels. The company resorted to its back-to-basics approach with the Pixel 3a and 3a XL and the recently launched 4a, all of which received universal praise for getting the fundamentals right.

The latest Pixel 5 with its mid-tier specs and relatively affordable $699 price tag is expected to do the same. However, reports have now started to emerge about the phone’s build quality issues. According to Android Police, whose review unit is also affected, early buyers are noticing gaps between the phone’s aluminum frame and the screen’s plastic bumper.

Most owners are noticing these gaps at the top of their device, where the front-facing camera is located and alongside the SIM tray area on the left side. Although these gaps are collecting dust and debris, it’s not confirmed whether they affect the phone’s IP68 rating at this point. Also, a $699 Pixel with display gaps – seemingly out of the box – doesn’t bode well for Google, who won’t be able to simply fix the issue with an OTA update like it did on the Pixel 3.

Although the reports are limited at this time, their number is said to be increasing at a consistent rate as forums pop up with user complaints. Google is yet to respond to this issue, though an official statement can be expected anytime soon.

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