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Nvidia has reportedly canceled its 20GB RTX 3080 and 16GB RTX 3070

In context: While some were disappointed by the VRAM capacity of Nvidia’s latest RTX 30-series GPUs, particularly the 3080 and 3070, all hope was not lost. Leaks suggested the hardware maker would be planning to release higher-capacity models, such as a 20GB 3080, to satisfy those with greater VRAM needs.

Unfortunately, if you’re one of those people, we might have some bad news for you today. According to a new report by Videocardz, Nvidia is sending out memos to its board partners, informing them that it will not be producing RTX 3080 20GB or RTX 3070 16GB cards as initially planned.

Assuming these rumors are true, it’s unclear why Nvidia has made this decision. More VRAM across Nvidia’s line-up could have helped it gain an extra edge against AMD’s upcoming products and more choice is always good for consumers — even within the same brand.

Nvidia’s rumored RTX 3070 Ti, which would have had 16GB of RAM and 6144 CUDA cores, has also allegedly been canceled. It remains to be seen whether or not Nvidia will change its mind after seeing what AMD is cooking up, but it’s probably not very likely.

This news might come as a disappointment to some of our readers, but it’s worth pointing out that these cards’ very existence was never confirmed in the first place, so nothing was really lost in the end.

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