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ControlUp raises $27 million to apply AI to remote machine monitoring

ControlUp, a startup leveraging AI to help IT teams remediate problems with on-premise, hybrid, and cloud infrastructure, today raised $27 million in funding. The company says the investment will enable it to expand its platform and market presence to monitor user experiences for office and work-from-home deployments.

Technology like remote desktop software that allows teams to stay connected while in a decentralized environment has been in high demand. On TrustRadius, a review site for business technology, the remote desktop software category saw a 281% increase in traffic from the beginning of the pandemic to early April. Indeed, COVID-19 appears to have only bolstered interest in this sort of software, with 50% of businesses responding to a TrustRadius survey saying they expect to increase their spending on remote desktop software.

ControlUp provides a spreadsheet-like status dashboard showing assets like desktops, virtual machines, and servers that’s updated every 3 seconds and sortable by rows, columns, and more. The platform’s clusters feature allow companies to manage and control up to 100,000 machines in sync; clustered machines can be defined based on logical or physical boundaries and have intelligence built into them to self-assign resources.

ControlUp summarizes metrics on the state of monitored assets every 24 hours, highlighting key activity indicators, risk factors, and performance stats. It also provides a view of virtualized server environments, aggregating key performance numbers in real time.

“At the heart of ControlUp’s solution is a machine learning-based engine, which connects to data sources using collectors that cover an array of architectures and technologies. It uses a high-performance, in-memory database in order to digest, associate and correlate hundreds of thousands of records in a single node,” a spokesperson explained to VentureBeat via email. “Machine learning also provides the recommended sizing of virtual machines based on a client’s usage. ControlUp looks at whether they are over-speced, under-speced, or right-sized.  And ControlUp uses machine learning in forecasts. Host forecasting is done by leveraging machine learning to see if the usage of hosts is trending and to what level.”

Automated actions and a custom scripting workflow — Script Based Actions — allows ControlUp customers to create their own PowerShell, VBScript, or CMD batch files and scripts that integrate with the platform to speed up troubleshooting and time to resolution. Triggering and alerting options let admins set audio chimes, email alerts, push notifications, and send the relevant event info to other systems.

ControlUp says that it has over 1,200 clients (including T-Mobile and Sprint) and that this past year, it grew its employee base by more than 50% to 180 people across offices in San Jose and San Jose. This latest round, which was led by Jerusalem Venture Partners and K1 Investment Management, brings the six-year-old startup’s total raised to date to $40 million.

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