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Some PS5 consoles are louder than others because they use different fans

WTF?! If you’re one of the people lucky enough to have grabbed a PlayStation 5 recently, you might notice that it’s a bit louder than expected. It could even be noisier than other PS5 units. How is that possible? It seems Sony has been installing different types of fans inside different consoles.

French tech website Les Numériques (via Tom’s Hardware) made the discovery after noticing that thier Sony review unit was quieter than a retail-bought console. The publication performed teardowns on several other consoles and found five different fans in five different PlayStation 5 machines.

As shown in the photo below, the quieter fan from the PS5 press unit features 23 thinner blades, whereas the one from the retail model has just 17 blades that are noticeably thicker. It’s generally the case that fans with fewer blades will require more power to spin at a higher speed so they can provide adequate cooling, thereby making them noisier.

You can check your PS5’s fan by removing the white side panels, which won’t void the warranty. But don’t try replacing it, otherwise, your warranty will be voided.

Tom’s notes that using different fans in different units means PlayStation 5 teardowns/reviews that test the console’s cooling and noise levels might not reflect buyers’ experience of the consoles. But don’t expect Sony to offer a replacement when the fan is doing its job.

For most consumers, loud PlayStation 5s aren’t the problem; it’s finding one. As with so many tech products this season, scalpers have grabbed huge quantities of the machines to sell on eBay. One group secured almost 3,500 PS5 consoles for resale, for which it has “no regrets.”

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