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This PS2-themed PlayStation 5 goes on sale today

Highly anticipated: The PS5 is proving incredibly popular, though not everyone loves the white color scheme. Luckily, third-party seller SUP3R5 has something special: a black PlayStation 5 inspired by the best-selling console of all time, the PS2. And it goes on sale today.

SUP3R5 writes that orders for its custom PS5 will begin today (January 8) at 3pm EST / 12pm PT and are expected to ship in late spring 2021. While the company is US-based, orders can be shipped internationally.

You best move fast if you want to secure one of the consoles. Only 304 are being produced—a reference to the PlayStation 2’s March 4, 2000 launch date. Unfortunately, there are over 54,000 people on the “waitlist,” so don’t hold your breath.

Those who want the disc version of the “retro-inspired” PS5 will pay $749 (before shipping), that’s $250 more than the standard retail version, while the digital-only console is $649 (MSRP: $399). Those prices are still cheaper than buying a regular PS5 from eBay, of course. The consoles come with a PS2-style DualSense controller, which can also be bought separately for $99; they usually cost $69.

To hopefully prevent the same bot issues suffered by the PlayStation 5—and Xbox Series X/S, RTX 3000 series, Ryzen 5000 CPUs, etc.—SUP3R5 is limiting console purchases to one per customer while controller sales are limited to two per household. The company also has additional “security measures” in place.

It’s important to note that only the console’s side panels were removed during the conversion process, meaning Sony’s standard hardware guarantee will still be valid. The DualSense controller, however, had to be completely disassembled, thereby voiding the warranty.

Just before the PS5’s release in November, a company called CustomizeMyPlates.com, which had already been forced to change its name from PlateStation5.com by Sony, removed its custom faceplates from sale and canceled pre-orders following a legal threat from the firm. It seems SUP3R5 won’t be suffering the same fate, at least for now.

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