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HyperX reveals compact mechanical keyboard and Xbox controller charger at CES

What just happened? Compact or 60-percent mechanical keyboards have become increasingly popular in recent times. Not only are they more suitable for smaller desks, gamers who take their accessories on the move appreciate their portability. Now, HyperX, best known for its line of fantastic headsets, has used CES 2021 to announce an ultra-compact model called the Alloy Origins 60.

As with other keyboards of this ilk, everything to the right of the Enter key has been removed, leaving 61 keys. All the missing functions are accessed by holding down the FN button and pressing other keys.

The Alloy Origins 60 features HyperX red linear mechanical switches with a shorter actuation point and travel time, making them ideal for fast-paced games. The keys themselves are PBT double-shot, which is when the keycaps are produced by molding two pieces of plastic into each other, rather than using printing methods. This should ensure the keys’ lettering retains its texture while being less susceptible to chipping and fading.

The Alloy Origins 60 also features a USB-C connection port, onboard memory with space for three profiles, macro commands, and customizable RGB LED lighting. It releases on February 22 for $99.99, which his cheaper than many similar competitors.

HyperX does have another 60 percent keyboard bearing its name, though the One 2 Mini is a collaboration with Ducky, whereas the Alloy Origins 60 is a solo effort.

HyperX has other products on show at CES, including the ChargePlay Duo. The latest version of its dock can charge both Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One Wireless controllers. It’s able to juice two controllers simultaneously, features two 1,400mAh rechargeable battery packs, and costs $40.

HyperX also announced that its honeycomb-style Pulsefire Haste mouse, the HyperX Cloud II Wireless headset, and Cloud Revolver +7.1 headset are all now available globally.

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