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AMD’s CPUs lose ground to Intel in latest Steam hardware survey, Windows 7 gains users

TL;DR: The Steam hardware survey for June has just arrived, and it’s not good news for AMD. Having seen its CPU share among participants grow for months on end before finally passing the 30% mark in May, team red experienced a decline of -1.72% in June, dropping down to 28.4%. Looking at graphics cards, the RTX 2060 saw the biggest increase, while the RTX 3070 moved into the top 15. Most surprising of all, more people are using Windows 7!

Last month’s survey results shows AMD experiencing its first decline in the CPU space since December, dropping from 30.1% to 28.41%. It comes despite AMD CPUs holding eight of the top ten spots on Amazon’s best-selling processors list, though Intel has been reducing the price of its 10th-gen and 11th-gen CPUs, so that could be having an effect.

AMD in May said the chip shortage is forcing it to prioritize its flagship CPUs over lower-end offerings, and CEO Lisa Su believes supply of Ryzen 5000-series CPUs are set to improve, so perhaps, as was the case at the start of the year, the company will regain its share over the next few months.

Looking at video cards, the RTX 2060 saw the largest increase in June (0.99%). It was reported in February that Nvidia was increasing supply of the Turing offering to deal with Ampere shortages, but last month saw rumors that it was cutting supply to increase RTX 3000-series production.

Speaking of Ampere. The RTX 3070 has now broken into the top fifteen cards with its 0.04% increase, and the RTX 3060 was up 0.27%, but the rest of the series saw slight declines. The long-reigning GTX 1060 also had a good June, cementing its position at the top with a 0.93% jump following months of watching its share shrink.

Another unexpected stat was Windows 10 (64-bit) experiencing a 2.51% drop while the unsupported Windows 7 was up 2.91%. Even with the Windows 11 preview available, some people can’t let go of Win 7.

As always, the Steam survey gathers data from Steam users who opt-in, giving an indication of what hardware people are sporting rather than being an accurate representation.

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