Cerebras unveils first trillion transistor chip – the world's largest

The rectangular chip measures around 8 inches by 9 inches—you can see how it compares to a keyboard and a baseball in the photos. Its 46,225 square millimeters make it the largest computer chip ever—56 times larger than Nvidia’s most powerful server GPU—and it comes with 400,000 AI cores and 18 gigabytes of on-chip memory.

Intel's 10th-gen 18-core beats Core i9-9980XE by 11%, Ryzen stays quicker

Before we tread further into the forest of CPU stats and figures, let me remind you that public Geekbench entries are very limited indicators. Geekbench results overestimate Ryzen CPUs for gaming but underestimates them slightly for video exporting, for example. Furthermore, the single entry could be underperforming if Geekbench’s reported 3.3 GHz boost speed is accurate and the final chip can hit higher clocks.

AMD has rebadged their funds GPUs once more, now referred to as 600-series

I’m not sure whether to call it an addiction or a kink, but it’s safe to say AMD has a real rebadging problem. In June 2016 they released part of the 400-series based on 28nm, then they rebranded and rereleased them in April 2017 as 500-series hardware. The new 600-series is entirely comprised of 500-series hardware without a single spec change, but furthermore, half of the 600-series is a rebadge of a rebadge of the original 400-series.

Micron's 16Gb 1Z-class DDR4 RAM enters mass manufacturing

Micron this week started mass production of 16Gb DDR4 products on the 1Z nanometer manufacturing process.

Microsoft's firmware updates are throttling the Surface Pro 6 and Surface Book 2 to...

To put things into perspective, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 with its lowest spec i5-8250U runs at a base frequency of 1.6Ghz while an i5-8350U at 1.7Ghz powers the lowest spec Surface Book 2 15", so it can be quite frustrating if your device suddenly drops to a quarter of its processing speed.

Sony provides 4 extra colours to its DualShock Four controller

Adding to its 25+ color range for the DualShock 4 Wireless Controller, Sony has added four new ones just in case it previously didn't catch your eye or you're looking to replace your six-year-old controller with a shiny new Titanium Blue option.

Nvidia graphics card itemizing hints at RTX 2080 Ti Super

As reported by Tom’s Hardware, AID64, the popular system information, diagnostics, and benchmarking tool, added data in its changelog relating to an unannounced Nvidia GeForce RTX T10-8 graphics card.

Back to School offers: Budget laptops from Acer, Dell, Asus, additionally storage on sale

It's no coincidence that we updated our Best Laptop recommendations for the back to school season, however if you're more strapped for cash and you didn't like our budget picks, here are a few more models worthy of consideration. Big makers are cutting prices for students headed back to school and we also have some discounts on some popular storage PC components.

Possible Third-gen Ryzen Threadripper seems in Geekbench, beats 2990WX by 35%

A 32-core, 64-thread processor appeared on the Geekbench database under the name Sharkstooth, which is presumed to be AMD's internal name for 3rd-gen Threadripper. The engineering sample uses the codename AMD 100-000000011-11 and has the same configuration as the Threadripper 2990WX flagship.

Samsung rumored to be readying graphene batteries that may totally cost in beneath half...

It's a strange but true fact that while technology advancements in lithium-ion powered devices like laptops and smartphones have improved dramatically over the years, the battery tech itself has mostly remained stagnant, leading to a variety of hardware solutions like power banks and simply cramming in more battery or software solutions like power saving and stamina modes to extend usage of our devices.