Graphics card, motherboard, and laptop shipments crashed last month

According to a Digitimes report, sales of motherboard and graphics cards fell 30 – 50 percent in China last month and aren’t expected to show signs of improvement until at least July. When the outbreak began in China, factories in the country and its neighbors shut down, and local demand for components came to a near stop. While many have now reopened, the effects on the supply chain are still being felt.

Apple updates MacBook Air with improved internals for $999, new iPad Pro with Magic...

Users disappointed with Apple's butterfly keyboards on the MacBook Air will be pleased to know that the ultrabook's latest version now comes with scissor switches like its bigger 16-inch Pro sibling and gets a performance boost with Intel's 10th-gen Ice Lake CPUs. Base models get dual-core Intel Core i3 and i5 processors, configurable up to a 1.2Ghz quad-core i7.

Samsung eUFS 3.1 storage chip offers threefold increase in write speeds, enters mass production

With its embedded Universal Flash Storage 3.1, Samsung has been able to surpass 1GB/s write speeds for smartphone storage, boasting a 3x increase over its previous eUFS 3.0 spec. The company claims it to be the 'fastest mobile storage' that will remove bottlenecks faced by smartphone users with conventional storage cards.

Seagate's unveils 1TB Xbox Series X expansion card for more storage and better...

On Monday, Microsoft said its Xbox Series X would come equipped with an expansion slot for plugging in a 1TB SSD. Seagate announced the specialized “external” drive will have the same performance as the XSX’s internal drive, including taking advantage of Microsoft’s “Velocity Architecture.” This technology uses 100GB of disk storage as extended memory for game assets for faster load times.

AMD details Ryzen Mobile 4000: Performance, architecture, features and better quality laptops

We'll be able to show you and discuss our own Ryzen Mobile benchmarks next month, but for now we can show you the data AMD presented at its Tech Day in February. One of the reasons we can share this information is that some Ryzen 4000 systems are going on sale -- or at least will be available for pre-order -- in some regions starting today. We’ve heard the Asus Zephyrus G14 equipped with H-series Ryzen processors is shipping right away, so hopefully we can show off some benchmarks using this system as soon as possible.

Patent hints that encrypted displays could appear on future Apple devices

Shoulder surfing remains a common practice among folk who have little regard for user privacy and often engage in this unethical activity, either for personal amusement or to social engineer their way to someone's sensitive information.

AMD discounts its Ryzen 3000 CPUs, gives away Xbox Game Pass with select models

Ranging from the Ryzen 9 3900X, which we scored 90 in our review, to the fantastic value-for-money Ryzen 3600 (TechSpot score: 100), the discounts range from $25 to $50. They’re available now from Newegg and Amazon in North America only and will last throughout the month of March.

Nvidia tweets, then deletes a mysterious teaser showing an animated blinking eye

Frankly, nobody seems to know what this tease means. The tweet was removed shortly after going live, which could mean it was mistakenly posted. Alternatively, its removal might be part of Nvidia's marketing strategy here -- companies have been known to "accidentally" leak content in the past when it serves their interests.

AMD CPUs are vulnerable to a severe new side-channel attack

Processors run a lot of software concurrently and essential to systems' security is keeping programs separate so that one can't see what the other is doing, but new research into AMD’s processors has uncovered flaws that allow data to be shared between programs running on the same core.

Last Nintendo Play Station prototype sells for $360,000 at auction

The console was the result of a joint project between Nintendo and Sony in the late 80s, but its release was canceled in 1991 following a dispute between the two companies. There were 200 prototypes created, and all but one was destroyed.