Dell video reveals 10th-gen Comet Lake desktop CPUs are on their way

In a clip for Dell’s XPS Tower and XPS Tower Special Edition, it's stated that they feature “10th Gen Intel Core Processors,” marking the first time we’ve seen the non-mobile version of these chips. Sadly, the video has just been set to private, but you can view a screen grab of the reveal above.

Apple is making a 14.1-inch MacBook Pro to complement 16-inch redesign

Last November, Apple released a 16-inch MacBook Pro that keeps the same footprint of the 15-inch version, effectively replacing it while offering more power, a bigger battery, significantly better speakers, and a more reliable, scissor keyboard.

Leaked slide shows performance boost of Nvidia's RTX 2070/2080 Super mobile GPUs

The news comes from PCGamesN, which got its hands on a confidential Nvidia slide that compares the performance of the RTX 2080 Super and 2070 Super laptop graphics cards against the rest of the company’s current mobile GPUs.

Nvidia is shifting GTC 2020 conference to an online-only event

In an announcement published today, Nvidia revealed that GTC 2020 will be an online-only event due to COVID-2019 (coronavirus) concerns. Nvidia is currently in talks with speakers who were originally scheduled to talk at GTC, and the company hopes to have those talks published online in the "weeks ahead."

Qualcomm's third-gen Snapdragon X60 5G modem is fast and flexible

Built on a 5nm process, Qualcomm said it is the world’s first 5G Modem-RF System to support spectrum aggregation across all key 5G bands and combinations including mmWave and sub-6 via frequency division duplex (FDD) and time division duplex (TDD).

EVGA's GeForce RTX 2060 KO is available for $300 on Amazon

This particular 2060 model was announced a while ago in response to AMD's almost identically-priced 5600 XT. Recently, it became available for purchase, meaning the Green and Red Teams are once again competing head-to-head in this price bracket.

US Navy orders AMD, Nvidia-powered supercomputer with 590TB of RAM

The Cray Shasta computer is being installed as part of the Department of Defense High Performance Computing Modernization Program and will be located at the Navy DSRC at Stennis Space Center, Mississippi. It will be the first machine in the program to offer over 10 petaflops of power.

Global PC market predicted to shrink by 3.4% this year (if nothing else goes...

If everything goes okay from here on in – which is not a guarantee, but is reasonably likely, according to analyst firm Canalys – then PC shipments will fall by 3.4% this year. If things continue on their path to hell and the coronavirus deals more damage, then global shipments will fall by 8.8%.

Apple's ARM-based Mac could ship by the first half of 2021

If accurate, the days of Apple being bound by Intel’s chip release cycles – and the delays that often accompany them – could soon come to an end. And as we’ve seen with the iPhone, there are huge benefits to be had when developing both hardware and software under one roof. There’s no reason to think that similar efficiencies couldn’t be unlocked with the Mac.

Intel debuts 5G chips for servers and base stations, aiming for infrastructure dominance

Intel finalized the sale of its modem business to Apple in December 2019, which to many signaled a significant retreat from that market. Couple that with the news that the silicon giant is partnering with MediaTek to bring 5G connectivity to laptops using its mobile chips, and you have a clear image that Intel has essentially left the consumer modem space to its main competitors.