Nvidia’s AI prevents car high beams from producing glare

High-beam headlights cut through thick precipitation like a knife cuts through butter, but they’re a literal eyesore to oncoming drivers. That’s because most commercially available systems don’t automatically adjust to compensate for daytime brightness, and because they have a habit of producing glare.

Blizzard stays silent on Hong Kong cop-out while the world reacts

Even though Sony revealed new info about the PlayStation 5 on the same day, Blizzard managed to dominate headlines yesterday after suspending and rescinding prize money from player Ng Wai “Blitzchung” Chung after he supported Hong Kong’s anti-Chinese protests in a post-tournament interview. Today, we’re seeing even more the fallout from this corporate decision.

Google Brain’s ROBEL benchmark lets devs track AI quality on affordable robots

Benchmarks made to measure the performance of AI systems that control robots are often limited to expensive hardware designed for industrial environments that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Researchers from UC Berkeley and Google Brain addressed this problem by introducing Robotics Benchmarks for Learning with Low-Cost Robots (ROBEL), an open-source platform designed to encourage rapid experimentation and on-hardware reinforcement learning. ROBEL also comes with benchmark tasks specifically made for tracking the quality of AI systems on lower-cost robots.

Amazon rolls out developer tools to improve Alexa voice apps

Amazon’s adding a trio of new tools to the Alexa Skills Kit, a suite of self-service APIs and resources for conversational app development, designed to improve the quality of experiences developed for its Alexa assistant. The first two, which are now generally available — Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Evaluation Tool and Utterance Conflict Detection — promise to enhance overall voice model accuracy, while Get Metrics API (which is in beta) enables the analysis of metrics like unique customers in third- or first-party aggregatory platforms.

Concrete Genie review — Heartwarming story, beautiful art, but tough controls

If you ever felt the urge to take a magic paint brush and beautify the walls of a dilapidated city, then you’ll understand the basic gameplay of Concrete Genie. This game lets you create, or “paint,” works of art, as if you were creating masterpieces with the simple flick of a motion controller.

Hands-on: OnePlus 7 Pro 5G burns 4G iPhone 11 Pro in highway speed test

Over the past two years, it’s become clear to every smartphone maker that 5G networks are about to dramatically improve the cellular speeds people see every day: roughly 10 times faster downloads than 4G at first, with the promise of upload and further download speed improvements in the very near future. When I reviewed Apple’s brand new iPhone 11 Pro — a premium-priced phone with late-stage 4G hardware inside — I knew from prior 5G testing that it wasn’t going to match or eclipse the speeds of even the earliest 5G phones. But I wanted to quantify the difference for myself.

Rasa’s conversational AI can selectively ignore bits of dialogue to improve its responses

What might be the key to chatbots or voice-enabled assistants that respond in more natural, humanlike ways? Researchers at Rasa, a Berlin-based startup developing a standard infrastructure layer for conversational AI, believe selective attention might play an outsized role. In a preprint paper published this week on Arxiv.org, they detail a system that can selectively ignore or attend to dialogue history, enabling it to skip over responses in turns of dialogue that don’t directly address the previous utterance.

Salesforce sharpens its computer vision teeth on shark-scanning AI

White sharks are being spotted off the Pacific coast more than ever before. A 2014 study found that, at minimum, California’s shark population now exceeds 2,000. And the California Department of Fish and Wildlife reports that since 1950, there’s been at least 158 documented cases where a shark approached a person in the water, 44 of which occurred since 2010.

Dafina Toncheva Promoted to General Partner at U.S. Venture Partners

MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–October 9, 2019–U.S. Venture Partners, a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm, announced today the promotion of Dafina Toncheva to General Partner.

Radpay’s Digital Wallet Now Includes Patent-Pending Fraud Resistance

Radpay Tackles $33 Billion Problem of Credit Card Fraud With Patent-Pending Digital Wallet Solution, Enhances Broad Patent Portfolio Around Alternative Payment Rails, Distributed Ledger, And Digital Wallet Usability