How game companies can protect their online operations and players from cyberattacks

Games are still tempting targets for hackers. Zynga’s popular online game, Words With Friends, was recently hacked and more than 218 million users had their information stolen.

How Peloton’s ad got made (a short play)

The Internet is having a field day with Peloton’s silly holiday ad. But underneath the barbs is an interesting question: How do ads like this pass through so many layers of approval, by so many talented stakeholders, and still get the green light? Wouldn’t someone call an audible along the way and demand changes? Ironically, audibles are what likely caused the mess in the first place. Below is a short, Peloton-inspired play that reflects a common story in the world of creative marketing.

Adobe acquires Oculus Medium VR sculpting app

Adobe is the new home for the Oculus Medium sculpting app, which Facebook originally launched three years ago.

Content Rated By: An Oral History of the ESRB excerpt — “Chairman of the...

GamesBeat is publishing this exclusive excerpt of Content Rated By: An Oral History of the ESRB. Read Part 1 here. 

Epic Games Store devs can now choose their own in-game payment processor

Developers using the Epic Games Store now have more options for processing payments. Epic told developers this week that they can set up alternative systems for taking in-app purchases. This should help studios that want to make games that appeal to people in countries that do not use credit cards.

Event marketing tech reveals what attendees actually care about (VB Live)

Presented by CventWhat’s the ROI of your live events? With event marketing technology, you’ll know, and be able to boost those numbers too. Learn how you can fold event tech into your existing marketing automation platform and CRM and win demonstrable results in this VB Live event!

Shovel Knight director Sean Velasco digs into Yacht Club Games’ past and future

Shovel Knight has been one of the biggest indie hits of all time since its 2014 release, but now its journey is nearing an end with the December 10 release of the King of Cards campaign and the Shovel Knight Showdown fighting mode.

AI Weekly: Amazon plays the long game in health care AI

Today concludes Amazon’s re:Invent 2019 conference in Las Vegas, where the Seattle company’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) division unveiled enhancements heading down its public cloud pipeline. Just Tuesday, Amazon announced the general availability of AWS Outposts, a fully managed service that extends AWS’ infrastructure and services to customer datacenters, co-location spaces, and on-premises facilities. And it debuted in preview Amazon Detective, which helps to analyze, investigate, and identify the root cause of potential security issues and suspicious activities. That’s not to mention AI-powered fraud detection and code review products and an expanded machine learning experimentation and development studio, as well as a dedicated instance for AI inferencing workloads.

TLC vs. QLC NAND: Pick the best memory technology for your application

________________________________________________________________________________________In case you hadn’t noticed, solid-state drives keep getting bigger and faster. Back in 2008, a state-of-the-art  enterprise SSD offered 32GB of capacity and moved files at up to 250 MB/s. Today, a 32TB version can read data sequentially at 3,200 MB/s. That’s a 1000x size increase and more than 10x speed-up.

ProBeat: We already know what to expect from Sundar Pichai’s Alphabet

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Alphabet-Google (my colleague Kyle Wiggers prefers “Googlebet”) news this week. Why has it been so difficult to come up with a whole lot to say? It finally dawned on me last night: there isn’t much to say. That’s the point. This wasn’t a CEO shakeup. This has all been a long time coming.
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