Luminar unveils Hydra, a lidar sensor sold on subscription

Luminar, the San Francisco lidar sensor startup that to date has raised over $250 million, is getting into the subscription business. At the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, it took the wraps off Hydra, a lidar sensor available to automaker partners for a recurring fee — a first for the industry.

The RetroBeat: 5 speedruns to watch during Awesome Games Done Quick 2020

One of my favorite times of the year is approaching fast! Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 starts on Saturday, January 5.

How tech is catering to the elderly and caregivers

At CES 2020, tech’s biggest trade show, it was heartening to see that the tech industry is paying attention to the needs of the elderly, and the younger people who provide care for the elderly.

Qualcomm debuts Snapdragon Drive Pilot and Car-to-Cloud platforms

Following Qualcomm’s promise last December of a major and unexpected automotive announcement at CES, the company today revealed several major vehicular initiatives: the new Snapdragon Drive Pilot autonomous driving platform, a Car-to-Cloud services platform, and a cellular vehicle to everything (C-V2X) global readiness and RSU reference platform, all designed to kick connected, self-piloting car development into high gear.

Sony is skipping E3 2020 as it preps PlayStation 5

Sony is skipping E3 2020. The PlayStation 5 will not show up at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June, according to the publisher. Sony Interactive Entertainment skipped the event in 2019, and now it’s making that two years in a row.

Life is Strange 2: How Dontnod decided to wrap up the story of 2...

While Telltale Games, the maker of The Walking Dead series, went down in flames, the mantle for storytelling games shifted to a French studio in Paris called Dontnod Entertainment. Dontnod had a big success in 2015 with the original Life Is Strange title that blended storytelling, teen angst, and supernatural powers.

Zero Mass Water: How the water in the air can save us

Pulling water out of thin air is Zero Mass Water‘s big idea, and now we’ll see how far it can go.

Content Rated By: An Oral History of the ESRB excerpt – “Evolution, Expansion, and...

GamesBeat is publishing this exclusive excerpt of Content Rated By: An Oral History of the ESRB. Previous chapters can be found here. 

Waymo’s autonomous cars have driven 20 million miles on public roads

Waymo today announced that its autonomous cars have driven 20 million miles on public roads in 25 cities, including Novi, Michigan; Kirkland, Washington; and San Francisco. That’s up from 10 million only a year ago, which the company says illustrates its “accelerated pace of learning” as it continues to build “the world’s most experienced driver.”

Congress moves toward facial recognition regulation

A bipartisan group in Congress is working on legislation that could regulate the use of facial recognition by the private sector, federal government, and law enforcement.