Patapon 2 gets remastered for PS4 on January 30

One of Sony’s most beloved PSP games is getting a new life on the PlayStation 4. Sony announced today that Patapon 2 Remastered comes out on January 30.

Uber’s AI plays text-based games like a human

Can AI learn to play text-based games like a human? That’s the question applied scientists at Uber’s AI research division set out to answer in a recent study. Their exploration and imitation-learning-based system — which builds upon an earlier framework called Go-Explore — taps policies to solve a game by following paths (or trajectories) with high rewards.

Gravyty raises $21 million for AI fundraising platform

Nonprofit organizations send an average of 3 email newsletters and 2 donation appeals monthly, and for every 1,000 emails sent to subscribers, they raise an average of only $42. To help bolster their efforts, Adam Martel and Rich Palmer founded Gravyty in 2016, a Newton, Massachusetts-based startup leveraging AI and machine learning to help nonprofits reach their fundraising goals. In a vote of confidence this week in the startup’s efforts, investment firm K1 Investment Management announced a $21 million investment that brings Gravyty’s total raised to date to roughly $23 million.

Microsoft backs SuperAwesome amid growing demand for child safety tech

As awareness grows around the dangers the internet poses to children, more companies have entered the fray with solutions to combat the various threats. One of those companies is SuperAwesome, which has developed an extensive platform to help brands deliver “safe” content to children. The London-based startup claims some big-name clients, including Mattel, LEGO, NBC Universal, and Hasbro, with touchpoints reaching 500 million children globally.

Iguazio raises $24 million for AI development and management tools

AI adoption levels are higher than they’ve ever been in the enterprise. According to a January survey conducted by Gartner, corporate use of AI grew 270% over the past four years. But developing, deploying, and managing AI applications at scale requires a platform that supports doing so, which is what startup company Iguazio provides. Its investors believe it has legs: Iguazio announced that it has secured $24 million in a funding round led by INcapital Ventures with participation from existing and new investors including Samsung SDS, Kensington Capital Partners, Plaza Ventures, and Silverton Capital Ventures, bringing its total raised to around $75 million following a $33 million series B in July 2017.

U.S. senator urges Tesla to rebrand its Autopilot driver assistance system to reduce misuse

(Reuters) — A U.S. senator on Friday urged Tesla to rebrand its driver assistance system Autopilot, saying it has “an inherently misleading name” and is subject to potentially dangerous misuse.

Call of Duty League enjoys an esports rebirth with opening weekend

The death of Kobe Bryant forced the Call of Duty League to cancel a shootout between a couple of NBA stars, as a sign of respect for the fallen basketball legend. But most of the opening weekend for the Call of Duty League went off without a hitch, based on what I’ve seen watching it from afar.

Harmonix’s Audica will finally hit Oculus Quest on January 28

Initially announced last year at Oculus Connect 6, Audica is finally launching on the Oculus Quest on January 28. The Quest version of the music shooter was initially scheduled for a release last year, but will now launch next week after a small delay.

I hate every meeting except this one

Anyone who’s worked with me knows I famously hate meetings. I’m quite open with my belief that most meetings (especially big ones) are destined to be counterproductive, and days full of them usually sap my energy, dilute my focus, and accomplish little. I’ve come to realize that if you want to kill an idea, have a meeting about it.

4 trends that will shape the cloud-native world in 2020 

2019 was a pivotal year for the cloud native community, with lots of announcements that made it hard to get a clear view of what’s happening. But there are 4 key trends in the cloud space that will shape 2020. And if you take a step back, you’ll spot them. A big step back.