This 5G Phone Runs Linux and Doubles as a Tiny Laptop with a Physical...

The world of Linux phones is about to get a new member, as Planet Computers is working on a new device that’s currently up for crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

Everything You Need to Know About the Purism Librem Mini Linux PC

The world of mini-PCs already includes several high-profile names, such as the Mac Mini, but when it comes to Linux, customers have very limited choices here.

Debian Calls on the Linux World to Help Fight the New Coronavirus

Debian has just announced a so-called COVID-19 Biohackathon that will take place online in April and whose purpose is to help improve biomedical FOSS and all the related solutions that are supposed to support such projects.

Sparky Linux 2020.03.1 ISO Images Now Available for Download

The developing team working on Sparky Linux has just announced that new ISO images for version 2020.03.1 of the (semi-)rolling line are now available for download.

KDE Announces a Smart TV Platform That Can Run on Raspberry Pi

KDE has just announced Plasma Bigscreen, a new project that brings its very own user interface to smart TVs with all the typical bells and whistles that such a device requires, including media-rich apps.

How Linux Helps the Fight Against the New Coronavirus

The entire world is now struggling to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, and tech giants themselves have stepped in to help provide protective equipment and support the research for a vaccine.

ESET Launches Linux Antivirus Because Malware Isn’t Just for Windows

Security company ESET has recently launched the Endpoint Antivirus for Linux, thus completing its suite of endpoint solutions already protecting Windows and macOS.

After Linux Laptops Here Comes a Linux Keyboard

System76 is ready to expand its hardware unit with the addition of a new device, but this time won’t be a Linux laptop, but a Linux keyboard.

The Dream of Android Apps on Linux Phones Is So Close to Coming True

The Linux phone market is still a very limited one, but there’s no doubt there’s a lot of potential here, and with the necessary improvements, it can very well become a worthy solution for power users.

How Linux Can Replace Windows in China

China’s plans to replace Windows and move to a homegrown operating system aren’t new, but this year, the whole thing could finally happen.