Pineloader Is a Brand-New Multi Bootloader for Your Favorite Linux Phone

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again: the world of Linux phones is evolving so fast that it’s probably just a matter of years until it finally becomes an alternative to Android and iOS.

Forget the iPhone: PinePhone Linux Phone Running Ubuntu Touch Announced

If you’re in the market looking for a new phone and the iPhone is too mainstream for you, here’s something that’s totally worth the $150 price tag.

This Is the New Microsoft Edge Browser for Linux

Microsoft used the Build developer conference to show just a small teaser of the upcoming Microsoft Edge for Linux, which is projected to go live at some point in the coming months.

elementary OS 5.1.3 New Features Revealed

The next major update for elementary OS is just around the corner, so today the parent company published a blog post to discuss the improvements that users are projected to get with this new release.

Getting a Linux Phone? Here Are the Apps Pre-Installed on the Next Librem 5

If Android and iPhone aren’t necessarily your cup of tea, and instead you purchased a Linux phone, you’re probably wondering how the out-of-the-box experience is going to be.

Ubuntu 20.10 “Groovy Gorilla” Release Date Announced

The next major update for Ubuntu will be called Groovy Gorilla and will land in the fall, according to a release schedule shared this week by parent company Canonical.

System76 Announces Lemur Pro Linux Laptop with Insane Battery Life

The world of Linux laptops is slowly but surely expanding, and today the engineers over at System76 announced a new model that is projected to see daylight in early April.

Fix for GNOME 3.36 Stuttering Bug in the Works

Ubuntu 20.04 has recently been released with GNOME 3.36 as one of the most notable features, but many decided to stick with Unity due to a stuttering issue.

The Cheap Linux Tablet That Everybody Wants Is Finally Just Around the Corner

Pine64 has recently announced that it would begin taking pre-orders for the highly-anticipated PineTab Linux tablet later this month after the device has previously been pushed back several times.

RetroPie 4.6 Officially Launched with Support for Raspberry Pi 4

RetroPie, the project that allows you to turn a Raspberry Pi into a gaming machine, has just received a new update whose most notable addition is the support for Raspberry Pi 4.