Windows Package Manager: Linux Users Will Love It

Microsoft used this year’s edition of the Build developer conference to announce the Windows Package Manager, a concept that Linux users will find very familiar and which is supposed to make app installation much more seamless.

Google Chrome 83 Released for Linux, Windows, and Mac with Massive Improvements

Google has released Google Chrome 83 for all supported platforms after the company decided to skip version 82 altogether and ship this new update earlier than anticipated.

GNOME Settles Patent Lawsuit Targeting Shotwell Image Management Project

The legal dispute between GNOME and Rothschild Patent Imaging in which the open-source software organization was accused of patent violation has finally been settled.

LibreOffice 6.4.4 Released for Linux, Windows, and Mac

The Document Foundation has released a new version of the LibreOffice productivity suite on all supported desktop platforms.

This Is the New Microsoft Edge Browser for Linux

Microsoft used the Build developer conference to show just a small teaser of the upcoming Microsoft Edge for Linux, which is projected to go live at some point in the coming months.

Windows 10 Is Getting a Linux-Like Package Manager

Microsoft used this year’s Build developer conference to announce the first preview of the Windows Package Manager that it’s building for Windows 10.

Linux Needs at Least 10 Years to Replace Windows in China

Linux has long been considered the best alternative to Windows, and the latest data shows its market share and adoption is massively improving.

Kali Linux 2020.2 Released with Dark and Light KDE Plasma Themes

A new version of Kali Linux is now available for download, and this time it brings plenty of improvements, including new light and dark themes for KDE Plasma.

Linux GUI Apps Coming to Windows 10: Everything You Need to Know

With Windows 10 version 2004 just around the corner, Microsoft is getting ready to debut the new Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 2 to users across the world.

GTA V on Linux Shows Microsoft’s Desktop Gaming Domination Is Almost Over

Linux has long been considered an alternative to Windows, but many refused to make the switch and abandon Microsoft’s operating system due to the rather limited gaming support in the Linux world.