Linux Gets Native Keyboard Backlight Control for Razer Laptops with New Driver

The built-in keyboard brightness tool bundled with Linux at OS level can now be used to adjust the backlight on Razer laptops as well, thanks to a third-party driver.

Ubuntu Touch OTA-12 Launch Date Announced

The work on Ubuntu Touch advances, and the team developing the project has just announced that a new testing build is ready to go live.

iPhone 7 Becomes a Linux Phone Thanks to postmarketOS Hack

Linux phones are becoming more of a common thing these days, with more and more companies investing in such a device, but as it turns out, you can actually create your very own Linux smartphone at home without spending hundreds of dollars.

Apple’s Top Service Now Works on Linux Too

Apple Music, which is one of Apple’s top services and main cash cows these days, is now available on the web, which means that it can be used on more than just devices launched by the Cupertino-based tech giant.

LibreOffice 6.4.3 Released for Linux, Windows, and Mac

The Document Foundation has recently announced a new version of LibreOffice that can be downloaded right now on all supported desktop platforms, namely Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Getting a Linux Phone? Here Are the Apps Pre-Installed on the Next Librem 5

If Android and iPhone aren’t necessarily your cup of tea, and instead you purchased a Linux phone, you’re probably wondering how the out-of-the-box experience is going to be.

A New High-End Linux Laptop Is Now Available for Everyone

If you’re in the market looking for a Linux laptop, you might want to have a look at System76’s Lemur Pro, the model which was announced a month ago but which is available for purchase right now.

How to Use the Best Linux Office Suite on Android and iOS

LibreOffice is currently the top alternative to Microsoft Office, and it’s available on Windows, Linux, and macOS without any fee, which makes it the preferred choice not only for home users, but also for organizations worldwide.

Microsoft Brings Linux Files to Windows 10 with New Update

Microsoft loves Linux is the thing the software giant says on so many occasions, and today, the company just wanted to offer some living proof in this regard with an update shipped as part of the Windows Insider program.

Google Chrome 81 Now Available for Download on Linux, Windows, and Mac

Google has just released Chrome 81 on all supported platforms, including Linux, Windows, and Mac.The new version is 81.0.4044.92, and it includes several notable improvements, including support for the Web NFC API, which means that web apps can finally use the built-in NFC.