GTA V on Linux Shows Microsoft’s Desktop Gaming Domination Is Almost Over

Linux has long been considered an alternative to Windows, but many refused to make the switch and abandon Microsoft’s operating system due to the rather limited gaming support in the Linux world.

The Cheap Linux Tablet That Everybody Wants Is Finally Just Around the Corner

Pine64 has recently announced that it would begin taking pre-orders for the highly-anticipated PineTab Linux tablet later this month after the device has previously been pushed back several times.

Ubuntu Touch OTA-12 Officially Launched as “The Largest Release Ever”

Ubuntu Touch OTA-12 has officially been released as the “largest release ever,” coming with massive improvements versus its predecessors, but also with changes that we’ll detail below.

First LibreOffice 7.0 Version Is Now Available for Download

LibreOffice continues to be the number one alternative to Microsoft Office, and The Document Foundation rolls out massive improvements every once in a while.

Microsoft: Please Try Hack Our Linux Operating System

Microsoft has announced a new bounty that invites security researchers to break into its custom Linux operating system powering the Azure Sphere OS.

Ubuntu 20.04: Users Complaining of Store Issues After Upgrade

Ubuntu 20.04 was officially announced a few weeks ago with major improvements, but at the same time, it looks like it also introduces a series of inconsistencies that ruin the whole experience for some.

Pineloader Is a Brand-New Multi Bootloader for Your Favorite Linux Phone

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again: the world of Linux phones is evolving so fast that it’s probably just a matter of years until it finally becomes an alternative to Android and iOS.

Swift Now Supports More Linux Distributions, Including Ubuntu 20.04

The Swift project has officially landed on three more Linux distributions in addition to the two platforms that were already supported.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Feels Like Home on the Raspberry Pi

If you want to install the latest version of Ubuntu on the Raspberry Pi, you really shouldn’t encounter any big problem, as the OS has already been certified for the pocket-size computer.

Debian 10.4 “Buster” Officially Announced

Debian 10.4 “Buster” is now available for everyone, and users can simply install the new packages on their devices if they’re already running version 10.