Hipster Whale’s Crossy Road Castle brings goofy laughs to Apple Arcade

Hipster Whale is known for zany mobile games like Crossy Road and Pac-Man 256. And last Thursday, the Melbourne, Australia-based studio released Crossy Road Castle for Apple Arcade.

Riot’s shooter Valorant will launch this summer

Riot Games has given an official name to its team-based shooter. It is called Valorant, and it will launch for PC in most territories this summer.

20 women in gaming you should know

Women have always been a part of gaming, and they always will be.According to Crunchbase, 312 gaming companies had at least one female founder, including Lesley Eccles, who cofounded the fantasy sports betting juggernaut Fanduel in 2009, and Holly Liu, who cofounded the massively multiplayer social game studio Kabam in 2006. But before these women were even born, back in 1964 -1966, a fourth-grade teacher named Mabel Addis wrote and designed what may be the first computer-based text adventure, the Sumerian Game.

Virtual Desktop dev rewrites Oculus Quest’s wireless PC VR feature

Guy Godin rebuilt the wireless streaming feature Oculus Quest owners use to PC VR play games from their computer using Virtual Desktop.

The Last of Us will become a TV series for HBO

HBO is turning the hit game The Last of Us into a TV series, as the The Hollywood Reporter revealed today.

Perceive emerges from stealth with Ergo edge AI chip

On-device computing solutions startup Perceive emerged from stealth today with its first product: the Ergo edge processor for AI inference. CEO Steve Teig claims the chip, which is designed for consumer devices like security cameras, connected appliances, and mobile phones, delivers “breakthrough” accuracy and performance in its class.

Valve’s Index VR headset goes back on sale March 9

Valve Index VR kits will be available to purchase again on at 10 a.m. Pacific time on Monday, March 9.

Intellivision takes more than 10,000 VIP edition preorders for Amico console in a few...

Intellivision Entertainment‘s Amico retro video game console is proving popular with gamers who are anticipating its October launch in spite of the coronavirus pandemic.

FCC approves $9.7 billion payout to quickly clear C-band for 5G

Mid band radio frequencies are widely believed to be critical to deploying 5G cellular services, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is continuing its push to open additional spectrum to U.S. carriers. Today, the FCC voted to approve a controversial payment package to incumbent users of the 3.7GHz to 3.98GHz band, offering satellite companies $9.7 billion in total to clear 280MHz of spectrum ahead of an auction to 5G carriers.

4 things you need to understand about edge computing

Edge computing has claimed a spot in the technology zeitgeist as one of the topics that signals novelty and cutting-edge thinking. For a few years now, it has been assumed that this way of doing computing is, one way or another, the future. But until recently the discussion has been mostly hypothetical, because the infrastructure required to support edge computing has not been available.