Blackbird.AI CEO: ‘COVID-19 is the Olympics of disinformation’

COVID-19 disinformation has exploded in recent weeks, with campaigns using a combination of bots and humans to sow fear and confusion at a time when verifiable information has become a matter of life or death.

Qcraft raises over $24 million to train autonomous vehicle systems in simulation

Qcraft, a robotics startup focused on autonomous vehicle (AV) development, this morning announced it has raised over $24 million in seed funding. The company says it will use the capital to further develop its large-scale intelligent simulation platform, which generates driving scenario data that helps engineers optimize autonomous systems’ motion planning and decision-making capabilities.

Why Amber opened a new support studio in Guadalajara — How Games Make Money

Amber is a development agency that produces its own games but also works with external companies to provide support services. That includes creating art assets, game design, engineering, and more. On this week’s How Games Make Money, host Jeff Grubb speaks with Amber chief executive Mihai Pohontu about how that business operates. He also provides insight into what coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic mean for the future of making games. Mihai then tells the story of how Amber started a studio in Guadalajara, Mexico. Join us, won’t you?

The DeanBeat: Subspace emerges with $26 million to fix internet bottlenecks for multiplayer games

Subspace exists because the internet still has a lot of bottlenecks. The Los Angeles startup came out of stealth in the past week to fix those bottlenecks, sort of how Waze helps you — or at least once helped you — find your way around car traffic jams.

Sine Wave Entertainment launches Breakroom 3D social hub for remote teams in VR, PC,...

Sine Wave Entertainment, which sought to build a Second Life-style experience in virtual reality with Sinespace, has launched its Breakroom 3D social hub for remote teams as a way to counter the divisions forced upon us by the coronavirus. It’s like taking video conference meetings to a new level, for anyone with VR, PC web, or mobile hardware.

98point6 raises $43 million to expand its AI-powered telehealth service

98point6, a telemedical startup whose platform pairs clinicians with AI to provide text-based care, today announced that it secured $40 million in financing. CEO Robbie Cape, a former Microsoft executive and the founder of the family organization company Cozi, said the capital would be used to hire three times more physicians by the end of April.

Apple’s choice to keep stores closed is a smart call during stupid times

If it wasn’t obvious before, it’s now crystal clear that we’re living in dangerous times — an era when government officials somehow continue to question the seriousness of the deadly coronavirus, and medical experts require not just safety masks but security details. Less than two weeks ago, U.S. President Donald Trump said he wanted businesses and churches reopened by Easter — April 12 — and a leaked memo from Apple detailed the company’s plan to start reopening some brick and mortar stores within the same general timeframe.

Tech leaders highlight military AI and 5G investments they call essential to U.S economy...

Some of the biggest names in AI at companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are making recommendations about how the U.S. military and federal government should fund 5G adoption and AI initiatives as part of the forward-looking work of the National Security Council on AI (NSCAI).

IBM makes AI tools and resources available to coronavirus researchers

IBM today announced the launch of services intended to furnish researchers with resources to fight the novel coronavirus. The company made molecules identified by AI as therapeutic candidates available under an open license, and it introduced a free version of its Functional Genomics Platform to support genome features discovery. Additionally, it provided free access to over 1,000 pieces of evidence-based curated COVID-19 and infectious disease content, and it rolled out an AI search engine trained on the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset to allow researchers to quickly find answers to questions.

The ‘least-privilege’ model protects digital assets and user productivity

Presented by NutanixThe way we work has morphed into a diverse and complex model. It’s one that opens up new cybersecurity challenges, particularly in the area of user identity.