Uber Eats now lets you donate $2 to support your local restaurants

Uber Eats is now asking customers in some locations to donate a set fee to support their favorite local restaurants. A new contribution button appears at the checkout, and is in addition to any tip that the customer chooses to give to their delivery driver.

Google releases location data to show if coronavirus lockdowns are working

(Reuters) — Alphabet’s Google on Thursday published reports for 131 countries showing whether visits to shops, parks and workplaces dropped in March, when many governments issued stay-at-home orders to rein the spread of the novel coronavirus.

If Found debuts on iOS and Steam on May 19

If Found…, an interactive visual novel about going home, coming out and erasing everything, will launch on May 19 on iOS and Steam.

Publishers grapple with high clicks but low prices in pandemic

The programmatic strategies that once worked before the COVID-19 pandemic may not be working so well now. Internet browsing is up as more segments of the global population are ordered to remain home and are thus spending more of their day online. However, this surge in traffic is not always a good thing for publishers, as many are finding it hard to monetize on that traffic.

Gaming laptops keep getting better

Gaming laptops are already in a great place. They were getting smaller, lighter, and faster for years, and they reached a point where they made sense for most people by 2018. And the rate of progression hasn’t slowed. And we’re on the cusp of yet another leap forward thanks to the competition between Nvidia, AMD, and Intel.

Xbox co-creator Rob Wyatt sues Atari for failing to pay him for design of...

Xbox co-creator Rob Wyatt has filed a lawsuit against Atari for failing to pay him for the design work he did in creating the Atari VCS console.

Mayo Clinic starts using autonomous vehicles to deliver coronavirus tests and medical supplies

The Mayo Clinic today announced a partnership with Bestmile and the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) to deploy autonomous shuttles that transport medical equipment and COVID-19 tests collected at the hospital’s drive-thru testing site. The hope is that they’ll expedite the delivery of much-needed supplies while reducing the risk of human exposure to the coronavirus.

Restream makes cross-platform livestreaming free for COVID-19 responders

The best way for organizations to reach people right now is through the platforms everyone is already using. That means broadcasting to video services like Twitch and YouTube. But it takes a lot of bandwidth to send a live feed to multiple channels unless you use an intermediary like Restream that replicates the broadcast for you. To help Red Cross, WHO, and more, Restream is making its services free for groups responding to COVID-19.

Amazon and SenseTime detail OmniSource, a framework that scrapes web videos to train AI

Researchers at AI startup SenseTime, Amazon, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong say they’ve developed a new framework for leveraging web data — OmniSource — that notches records in the video recognition domain. By overcoming barriers between data formats like images, short videos, and long untrimmed videos and adopting good practices like data balancing, it’s ostensibly able to classify videos more accurately than state-of-the-art models while using up to 100 times less data.

Glen Schofield: How to build a new triple-A game studio in the midst of...

I had a nice conversation with Glen Schofield, the former co-head of Sledgehammer Games and now founder of Striking Distance Studios. I asked him if he was making “Call of Dead Space,” referring to the past franchises that he worked on in his storied career.