3D Game Rendering 101

You’re playing the latest Call of Mario: Deathduty Battleyard on your perfect gaming PC. You’re looking at a beautiful 4K ultra widescreen monitor, admiring the glorious scenery and intricate detail. Ever wondered just how those graphics got there? Curious about what the game made your PC do to make them?

Testing AMD's new Radeon Image Sharpening: Is It Better than Nvidia's DLSS?

Today we're taking a deeper look into one of the new features that shipped with AMD’s latest Navi GPUs, the Radeon RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT. You have probably read our review by now and that primarily dealt with performance and overall value, but we didn’t go into detail into some of the additional features AMD is providing.

Ways to Free Up Storage Space on Windows

Gigabytes are cheaper than ever but they can also be the sort of thing where the more you have, the more you tend to consume, and it doesn't take long for the terabytes to fly by if you spend a lot of time on your computer. Those of you running Windows on a compact SSD probably know what a chore it can be to maintain enough space on your drive between mobile backups, Windows Updates, PC games, media files, and so on.

How 3D Game Rendering Works: Vertex Processing

In this first part of our deeper look at 3D game rendering, we'll be focusing entirely on the vertex stage of the process. This means dragging out our math textbooks, brushing up on a spot of linear algebra, matrices, and trigonometry -- oh yeah!

How to Backup USB Drives and Restore Them, Bootable State and All

Do you keep a bootable USB drive handy? Maybe you still have the USB drive that you last used to install Windows, or any of the other bootable thumb drives that you've made over the years? Since we only tend to keep a few USB drives available, we tend to overwrite the contents of Windows installation media and the like after a single use.

Testing AMD's new Radeon Anti-Lag Feature

Alongside the release of AMD’s new Radeon RX 5700 Navi GPUs, the company rolled out two new features in their Radeon driver suite. Last week we looked at Radeon Image Sharpening which directly targets Nvidia's DLSS, and today we're back to check out the second feature, Radeon Anti-Lag.

A Beginner's Guide to the Linux Command Line

Do you think of the command line as an antiquated leftover from the past, or an old fashioned way of interacting with a computer? Think again. In Linux, it is the most flexible and powerful way to perform tasks. For example, searching for all .tmp files in a directory (and its sub-directories) and then deleting them can be a multi-step process when done via graphical user interface, but is a matter of few seconds when done through the command line.

Nvidia Freestyle vs. Radeon Image Sharpening vs. Reshade

After testing AMD's new Radeon Image Sharpening feature, we've gone back for even more testing. The first article is definitely worth a read if you missed it, as we were mainly interested in seeing how Radeon Image Sharpening (RIS) looked compared to a native presentation, and how effective it was at post-processing an upscaled image to look near-native. The big focus of the test was how RIS compared to Nvidia’s DLSS, and whether the two technologies could effectively do the same thing, even though they are different in how they work.

Add Tabs to File Explorer and Other Applications Ahead of Windows 10's "Sets" Feature

While tabs have been a core part of web browsers for more than a decade (including Internet Explorer), Microsoft is finally in the process of introducing a tabbed interface to the Windows File Explorer and other applications.

How 3D Game Rendering Works, A Deeper Dive: Rasterization and Ray Tracing

In this second part of our deeper look at 3D game rendering, we'll be focusing what happens to the 3D world after all of the vertex processing has finished. We'll need to dust off our math textbooks again, grapple with the geometry of frustums, and ponder the puzzle of perspectives. We'll also take a quick dive into the physics of ray tracing, lighting and materials -- excellent!