Update your BIOS: Utilities from Top Motherboard Makers

PSA: Enthusiasts building their own PCs are accustomed to keeping up with latest drivers, especially when it comes to things like graphics cards. Motherboard BIOS updates are also critical to get the most out of your hardware, but it does happen that when everything is running smoothly after weeks or months, you tend to overlook further BIOS upgrades as they mostly bring compatibility improvements and those are not necessary unless you are switching to newer hardware on the same motherboard.

A Compilation of Command Prompt Tips, Tricks & Cool Things You Can Do

Although Windows' settings provide easy access for configuring most things, the Command Prompt -- elevated or otherwise -- can be indispensable in a number of scenarios, especially when you know how to take advantage of it.

Improve Windows Start Menu's Search or Simply Install a Better Replacement

Although the Start menu is supposed to be the fastest way to find local files, software and settings, the default configuration for Windows 10's search indexing service is far from the best. The index located at C:ProgramDataMicrosoftSearch catalogs files and folders from around Windows so that when you perform a search, the operating system can simply check this database instead of scanning the entire drive.

Tested: Ryzen Mobile Gets Better Drivers, Finally

Today we’re looking at the very first set of official Ryzen Mobile GPU drivers to come from AMD. Owners of Ryzen Mobile laptops have been waiting for this day for months now, so the fact these drivers are finally out is great news for the small but growing community of Ryzen laptop early adopters.

Ways to Free Up Storage Space on Windows

Gigabytes are cheaper than ever but they can also be the sort of thing where the more you have, the more you tend to consume, and it doesn't take long for the terabytes to fly by if you spend a lot of time on your computer. Those of you running Windows on a compact SSD probably know what a chore it can be to maintain enough space on your drive between mobile backups, Windows Updates, PC games, media files, and so on.

Top 10 Tech Pranks

Pranks are awesome. They are one of those few things in life that most people can unequivocally agree on being great (except if you're Microsoft). Pranks are in the same league with cat videos, candy, and free stuff – everyone loves 'em. (Except for that one guy you know, but he's still sore from your last prank. Lighten up, Joe!)

5 Days of Awesome Wallpapers: Cars and Sports Wallpapers

A great wallpaper can start your day off on a good mood. There’s certainly no shortage of places to find something to revitalize your desktop, whether you are into beautiful landscapes, minimalism, abstract illustrations, or eye-catching designs and patterns. With the kind of hours we spend looking at our computer and smartphone screens, why not make them a little prettier?

3D Game Rendering 101

You’re playing the latest Call of Mario: Deathduty Battleyard on your perfect gaming PC. You’re looking at a beautiful 4K ultra widescreen monitor, admiring the glorious scenery and intricate detail. Ever wondered just how those graphics got there? Curious about what the game made your PC do to make them?

Add Tabs to File Explorer and Other Applications Ahead of Windows 10's "Sets" Feature

While tabs have been a core part of web browsers for more than a decade (including Internet Explorer), Microsoft is finally in the process of introducing a tabbed interface to the Windows File Explorer and other applications.

Testing AMD's new Radeon Image Sharpening: Is It Better than Nvidia's DLSS?

Today we're taking a deeper look into one of the new features that shipped with AMD’s latest Navi GPUs, the Radeon RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT. You have probably read our review by now and that primarily dealt with performance and overall value, but we didn’t go into detail into some of the additional features AMD is providing.

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