Convert EPUB to MOBI – Free converter tools for Windows 10

If you have .epub files that you want to convert into .mobi format, then these free tools will be able to help you. We have covered one free online EPUB to MOBI converter tool and one free software to convert EPUB to MOBI.

How to restore deleted Teams and Channels in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams lets you get your team on the same page with group chat, online meetings, calling, and web conferencing. If you are interested in learning the steps required to restore deleted Teams and Channels in Microsoft Teams, follow the instructions given in this post.

Create a list of Files and Folders using FilelistCreator for Windows 10

If you want to create a list of files and folders on your Windows computer, you can do so easily using this free software called FilelistCreator. This software can detect almost every kind of file as well as folders and export their list in various formats according to your requirements.

Fix CPU Over Temperature Error

Imagine a situation where you boot your computer, but the operating system doesn’t load; instead, you get the “CPU Over Temperature Error!” error. In such a situation, you wouldn’t be able to boot into the system in any mode, and options for troubleshooting would be limited.

Former Apple chip execs launch startup to take on AMD, Intel in the data...

Look out AMD and Intel, there’s a new competitor in town.Three former semiconductor executives that worked on Apple’s iPhone chips launched a startup earlier this year called Nuvia Inc. that aims to design processors for use in data centers. On Friday, the trio – John Bruno, Manu Gulati and Gerard Williams III – announced they have raised $53 million in funding to help expand their outfit to around 100 employees by the end of the year.

Turn On/Off sync for SharePoint Document Library

SharePoint, the document management and storage system from Microsoft allows you to enable or disable sync for SharePoint Document Library. If you are not aware of the process, read the instructions given in the post.

Better ClearType Tuner: For blurry font and font-smoothing on Windows 10

If you are seeing blurry fonts on your Windows computer, a free software called Better ClearType Tuner may be able to help you fix blurry fonts. If you are familiar with ClearType, the in-built tool in Windows, you will not have to spend much time understanding the workflow.

Deals Spotlight: 16-Inch MacBook Pro Gets $100 Discount at Best Buy, Amazon, and Adorama...

A trio of retailers have begun discounting Apple's just-released 16-inch MacBook Pro, including Best Buy, Amazon, and Adorama. These sales follow discounts offered by Expercom, which are deeper and extend to...

16-Inch MacBook Pro Features Adjustable Refresh Rate Below 60Hz” /> ...

As outlined in an Apple support document, the new 16-inch MacBook Pro features an adjustable refresh rate. For professional workflows such as video editing, for example, Apple notes that you...

How to open Folder or File Explorer Options in Windows 10

This post will show you how to open Folder Options or File Explorer Options in Windows 10/8/7. Using the File Explorer Options, you can customize where File Explorer opens, configure clicks required to open items, set how Windows searches, and decide how you want the items in File Explorer to be displayed.