Restream makes cross-platform livestreaming free for COVID-19 responders

The best way for organizations to reach people right now is through the platforms everyone is already using. That means broadcasting to video services like Twitch and YouTube. But it takes a lot of bandwidth to send a live feed to multiple channels unless you use an intermediary like Restream that replicates the broadcast for you. To help Red Cross, WHO, and more, Restream is making its services free for groups responding to COVID-19.

Zoom’s daily active users jumped from 10 million to over 200 million in 3...

(Reuters) — Zoom’s daily users ballooned to more than 200 million in March from a previous maximum total of 10 million, the video conferencing app’s CEO Eric Yuan said on Wednesday, as the company fought to dispel concerns over privacy and “Zoombombing.”

Microsoft brings new voice styles to Azure Cognitive Services

Microsoft today announced the launch of new neural text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities in Azure Cognitive Services, its suite of AI-imbued APIs and SDKs that enable developers to tailor the voice of their apps and services to fit their brand. Each of three new styles — newscast, customer service, and digital assistant — promises natural-sounding speech that matches the patterns and intonations of human voices.

Facebook launches Messenger app for Windows and MacOS globally

Facebook is launching Messenger apps for Windows and MacOS globally from today, nearly a year after the social networking giant first announced plans to bring dedicated apps to the desktop.

Phantom AI raises $22 million to develop ADAS products

Phantom AI, a startup developing advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) for cars and trucks, today announced that it has raised $22 million. CEO Hyunggi Cho says it will enable the company to expand availability of its modular, software-based platform, which lets OEMs and Tier 1 automakers select components they wish to integrate and customize their configuration.

App Annie: Q1 mobile game downloads up 20% as players stay in

All of that social distancing is helping mobile gaming grow, according to mobile market data and analytics App Annie. Global mobile game downloads were up 20% in Q1 2020 compared to the same period last year.

Waymo’s AI improves autonomous vehicle performance while saving costs

Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving vehicle research division, today detailed a system — Progressive Population Based Augmentation (PPBA) — it claims has improved the performance of its autonomous systems while reducing the amount of data required to train them. Specifically, Waymo says that PPBA bolstered its cars’ object detection capabilities while decreasing costs and accelerating the training process.

Lightheart Entertainment raises $1.4 million for ‘hyper core’ mobile gaming

Lightheart Entertainment has raised $1.4 million in seed funding for “hyper core” mobile games, or games that are deep enough to entertain hardcore gamers while still having accessible features.

Going global: What international expansion means for mobile gaming’s top publishers

Presented by Facebook GamingWe spoke with mobile gaming leaders from Activision, Wildlife Studios and Lion Studios to learn more about their global user acquisition strategies. Our discussion dives into how these publishers have successfully leveraged data to grow audiences outside of the US, what creative considerations are used for international marketing and what role Facebook fulfills in reaching millions of players across the globe.

Eyenuk Reports Strong First Quarter 2020 Commercial Results

Preparing for Accelerated Business Growth AheadLOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 2, 2020–Eyenuk, Inc., a global artificial intelligence (AI) medical technology and services company and the leader in real-world applications for AI Eye Screening™, announced today that it completed the first quarter of 2020 with encouraging business results. New business orders confirmed in the first quarter are comparable with the 12-month results for the entire 2019.