Blair Witch gameplay video — Getting misplaced within the Black Hills Forest

The Blair Witch Project was a low-budget indie movie that captured something horrifying a couple of decades ago: the feeling of getting lost in the woods. And Blair Witch, a new video game from Lionsgate and Bloober Team (maker of Layers of Fear), re-creates that feeling in an interactive horror game.

Blair Witch interview — How Lionsgate and Bloober created a sport after 2 a...

The Blair Witch Project captivated filmgoers when the indie-produced horror film debuted two decades ago. And finally a game tries to reproduce that horror by taking players back into the fictional Black Hills forest near Burkittsville, Maryland.

WD Black storage is for avid gamers who’re working out of house as video...

Western Digital’s WD Black is a new brand of hard disk drive and solid-state drive solutions for PC and console gamers who are running out of disk space. For those players, WD has storage devices that can store as much as 300 games on an Xbox One game console.

Why authentic creator Volker Wertich has returned to make The Settlers

Ubisoft has rebooted The Settlers, a 26-year-old franchise that simulates living in a medieval fantasy world. And the man leading the creation is Volker Wertich, who created the original version of The Settlers in 1991.

HP exhibits its first AMD-based gaming laptop computer and Omen X 27-inch monitor

HP is trotting out new gaming products for the fall under its Omen and Pavilion brand games. They range from a 15-inch gaming laptop with a central processing unit (CPU) from Advanced Micro Devices to a 27-inch Omen X monitor.

Google shuts down Android cellphone information service for wi-fi carriers

(Reuters) — Alphabet’s Google has shut down a service it provided to wireless carriers globally that showed them weak spots in their network coverage, people familiar with the matter told Reuters, because of Google’s concerns that sharing data from users of its Android phone system might attract the scrutiny of users and regulators.

How desktop-as-a-service makes advanced IT structure easy (VB Live)

Presented by NutanixHow do you harness the power of a hybrid system with any cloud provider? Learn how desktop-as-a-service makes underlying software completely invisible to users, helps you efficiently and cheaply address the complexity of your tech infrastructure, and more, when you join this VB Live event!

How to create a number of profiles on Edge Chromium browser?

The final version of the new Chromium-based Edge browser is expected to be out soon and it will come with a load of features. In this post, we’ve tried to cover on how to create multiple profiles on the new Edge browser on Windows 10.

Sega’s new technique recreation Humankind has you making your individual civilizations

Sega announced a new strategy game today during Gamescom in Germany. It’s Humankind, coming from developer Amplitude, and it will release for PC in 2020.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gets 2v2 Gunfight multiplayer alpha on August 23

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is getting a 2v2 Gunfight multiplayer alpha this weekend, Infinity Award announced today at Geoff Keighley’s Opening Night event at Gamescom 2019.