You can save over $50 on an Apple HomePod proper now

We’re living in the home automation revolution. From Amazon Alexa to Google Home and a string of other personal assistants, these intelligent devices can do everything from telling us the weather to order gifts on Amazon, and their functionality seems to be growing by the day.

North Carolina’s furnishings capital is present process a tech transformation

At one time, an estimated 60 percent of all furniture made in America was produced within a 150-mile radius of High Point—leading the North Carolina city to be dubbed “The Furniture Capital of the World.” The city’s economy thrived on “Made in America” manufacturing. But as manufacturers saw the benefits of lower costs overseas, outsourcing became common. Plants shuttered as furniture production made its exodus overseas to China, and with it, American jobs and High Point’s leading industry.

Apple patents MacBook with key switches beneath a versatile touchscreen keyboard

Apple users will argue the answer to that question is macOS, but I digress. A new patent (spotted by Inverse) reaffirms rumors that Apple has been working on a MacBook with two screens; a standard retina display and a massive touchscreen that replaces the keyboard and trackpad. Or should I say covers the keyboard: the display will reportedly be bendable and have switches underneath, to retain the feel of typing on a normal keyboard.

5 methods to reimagine training so we begin bridging the abilities hole

Students on traditional university tracks miss out on learning that comes by way of doing. Advancements in AI and automation have increased global demand for skilled, specialized workers, but recent graduates often lack the training and experience to fill those jobs.

How to put in iPhone Drivers on Windows 10

One of the reasons Windows 10 doesn’t recognize iPhone and other Apple devices is that the drivers didn’t get installed properly. Ideally, iPhone drivers should get installed in a Windows system automatically as soon as you connect your iPhone/iPad to the system or download the iTunes software to the system. If it doesn’t happen automatically, check the following:

Test your web sites and apps throughout a number of platforms with LambdaTest

Long gone are the days when both aspiring and established web developers needed to spend months learning HTML and JavaScript in order to build a truly great website or web app. Thanks to more streamlined and intuitive programming languages, more efficient platforms, and more versatility when it comes to plugins, it’s never been easier to develop a truly professional-grade website from scratch.

How to repair Windows Activation Error Code 0x80041023

Windows Activation Error Code 0x80041023 occurs when you either upgrade Windows 10 or fresh reinstall on the computer.  There are few scenarios around this error. It is possible that either you have an invalid key or you are upgrading from Windows Home to Windows Pro. Let’s find out how we can resolve Windows Activation Error Code0x80041023.

The Super Bowl dominates TV — and it’ll crush it in VR, too

The Super Bowl is a global entertainment spectacle like no other. It’s often where new techniques in broadcasting are debuted, so technologies like virtual and augmented reality seem perfectly suited to take our experiences of the game to the next level.

Error code: 0x80070035. The community path was not discovered

Windows allows users to share files between systems which are on the same network, even if they aren’t physically connected. The folder administrator needs to allow access to the intended user and the Internet should be connected. However, users have reported that despite these conditions being fulfilled, they get the following error upon trying to access the shared driver:

Intel lastly quits making their Itanium server chips

While the current Itanium 9700 series offers some solid server-focused features like four-way hyperthreading and strong reliability and scalability, their value is simply atrocious. The flagship 8-core, for example, costs just as much as Intel’s 24-core Xeons while being a full gigahertz slower.