AvaCare Medical’s online supply site is a window into the coronavirus scare

If you go to AvaCare Medical‘s website, you’ll see that hand sanitizer and surgical masks are out of stock. It’s a sign of the times, driven by fears of COVID-19, the coronavirus that has caused a global panic, and it’s not clear when those items are going to be in stock again.

Oculus Quest’s best media apps

The Oculus Quest is one of the hottest VR headsets on the market right now. While there’s a great selection of games for the Quest, there’s also a bunch of media apps that are perfect for when you want to kick back and watch something in VR.

Facebook ‘thinking about’ opening Quest to apps outside the Oculus Store

Facebook’s Chris Pruett gave details on the Oculus Store curation policy for Oculus Quest in a Twitter thread, along with teasing a potential official way for distributing Oculus Quest apps outside of the Oculus Store.

Why the AI we rely on can’t get privacy right (yet)

While artificial intelligence (AI) powered technologies are now commonly appearing in many digital services we interact with on a daily basis, an often neglected truth is that few companies are actually building the underlying AI technology.

Amazon Go Grocery will deliver a food revolution

With its first full-size cashier-less grocery store opening, Amazon is bringing mass personalization to the food system and upsetting the order that has reigned since the end of World War II.

Trial by fire: This year will expose the best and worst tech startups

Markets go up, then they go down. That is the way they have always worked, but we always seem shocked when the pendulum swings the other way.

Robotics investors on how startups should respond to coronavirus

Venture capitalists investing in AI and robotics startups suggest they reassess their business plan amid economic uncertainty spreading alongside COVID-19.

Canonical Cancels Physical Windows Subsystem for Linux Event, Now Online-Only

Canonical has just announced that WSLConf, the Windows Subsystem for Linux conference that was scheduled to take place this month, is moving to an online-only event due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Valve’s Index VR headset goes back on sale March 9

Valve Index VR kits will be available to purchase again on at 10 a.m. Pacific time on Monday, March 9.

How Games Make Money: Out of the Park on sports sims and subscriptions

Out of the Park Developments makes some of the most beloved sports games in the world. But Out of the Park Baseball and Franchise Hockey Manager have little to do with actively swinging bats or sticks. Instead, you control stats and spreadsheets in an effort to make high-level decisions for your club. It might sound weird and boring to you, but the games have a dedicated and adoring following. On this week’s episode of How Games Make Money, OOTP Developments chief operating officer Rich Grisham joins host Jeff Grubb to talk about how business models are changing for the company’s games